Fundamental Fears

Mankind has 4 fundamental fears at the root of all evil.

The fear of death or dying

The fear of going crazy

The fear of being left behind

The fear of failure

We fear death with zero knowledge of what death actually is

We fear going crazy… everyone except crazy people that is

We fear being left behind or separated from our tribe, but that’s how we got here

We fear failure in both a personal sense and in the eyes of our people. Looking at it one way that’s all we do is fail and try try again. Looking at it another way, each and every failure is a carefully crafted step toward our inevitable success.

My point is all these fears are the same fear and ALL of what we’re afraid of has not only already happened, it’s what brings us into this world. The head banging question is why are we still afraid of what’s already happened?

I would say it’s a dream but that suggests randomness and it’s not. It is exactly what the bible calls it… a gospel or “go spell”. I mean a very cleverly crafted hypnotic state that like all hypnotic states tends to decay with time if not continually reinforced. It’s a spell and given enough time it wears off naturally. Spell refers to not only the hypnotic state, but also an indeterminate duration of elapsed time. It’s a “go” spell because it is that primal fear driving us thru a race we’d never run without it.

You can break all the sorcery in this world down into two working types. The work of casting counter spells to break the hypnotic state and the use of reinforcement spells to maintain the illusion. It isn’t that one is good and the other evil, they are both employed by you the magician toward the ultimate goal of your own resurrection.

Resurrection is the shamanic act of dismembering your tribe and subsequently remembering them. A symbolic act of decomposition and recomposition, degeneration and regeneration, spring and fall, etc. All within you as an Avatar being. It is your tribe that moves you as an Avatar. An avatar embodies the personality of whoever is moving it. Your personality is theĀ individual identity of an entire civilization of people. YOUR people, the tribe that has long since died and left you behind as their soul survivor and progenitor. Not as something cast out for any failure, but because they were failing and planted you in the Earth as a seed “for future generations” and Human prosperity.

You cannot die, your people made you immortal because they were dying. They live dormant in you and your shamanic duty is to re-member them. You cannot remember them if you don’t gain your individuality and keep it intact. Remember, your individuality is intimately connected to your tribe’s identity. You are the vessel that is transporting the essence of what they are from their old world to a new one. If you don’t achieve your full individuality you have only dismembered your tribe and left them hanging and the mythical hanging tree is your reward for a job done half-assed.

In hyperspace I’ve experienced ancient memories of the extensive preparations we (as our human ancestors) made for our own Fall. No idea or plan was rejected, every single individual had something of immense value to contribute, and we looked at every conceivable way of incorporating all of it. My guess is what we’re experiencing now is hibernation, asleep and dreaming about fall preparations we made for the long night of human winter. Only in that dream are we afraid of anything because we forget. We’re caught in our own nightmare but every nightmare ends the same way…

We wake up and remember who we are šŸ™‚