Revolution in the Heir


There is a revolution in the works, the likes of which the Human race has never seen. The Power behind this revolution is Absolute, it has been decreed by the People that this will be done, there are no subordinate powers, forces, laws, or intelligences that can oppose our Work. That being said, it is very important to keep in mind that this is a revolution, NOT a rebellion. It takes place in the field of human consciousness, the true battles will be fought not on the streets of our cities, but in the hearts and minds of Humanity. My name is John Peni El and I am the founder of The Advocacy, a metaphysical mystery school at the very Heart of this revolution.

Established in the ancient tradition of the 13th mystery school, The Advocacy was created by the People, of the People, and for the People. It is the Peopleโ€ฆ the Whole of Humanity, powering and guiding our sacred endeavor. While The Advocacy is primarily focused on learning, it is also the People’s own “secular order”, a priesthood working in seclusion to make sure the only winner in the end game being played on the global stage right now, is our Humanity.

The time has come my friends, to unify and watch our flag ascend. “We the People” are declaring our independence from the sorcery and signs of this world… right here, right now. The Advocacy hereby invokes our Holy Rite, igniting the most powerful and meaningful movement the Human race has ever known.

Welcome to the secret American Revolution ๐Ÿ™‚



What is technology and where does it come from? Ultimately it is a demonstration of how things work within the Human anatomy. If we look closely at what is being copied or reverse engineered to create it, it is always something in nature. Nature isn’t just nature, it’s OUR nature. Everything in nature, is encapsulated in us.

If we look at where it comes from and how it’s brought into our objective world it is thru communication with demonic entities. We have those among us who have either gained or not lost the ability to do this. We used to call them shamans and priests, the modern term is autistic savant. This only gives one the natural ability, it has to be cultivated to be truly useful.

There is a trick (one of many) that is very common in high academia that most people don’t know about. There are many individual techniques but essentially they are all designed to get one into a border state between sleep and awake. It used to be called the borderland but now we’re calling it hyperspace. Einstein’s technique was to hold a steel ball above his bare toes. If he went too far and fell asleep his fingers would loosen and the ball would drop. I don’t recommend it, he later stated that it screwed up his sleep pattern for years.

I’m pretty sure hyperspace is our subjective and objective consciousness crossed. This can only occur in the Human heart and the felt effect is a superconscious state where everything can be known about any subject. The way it’s known isn’t something people talk about, because it involves demons.

I can only go by practical common sense and my own experiences in hyperspace, so I’ll give it my best shot trying to explain. I think it all depends on what is truly in your heart and what you want to know about. Nobody will tell you their exact technique for doing this as it’s classified on a deeply intimate level by our subconscious mind. Because it allows access to our own personal programming at the root level, sharing it with anyone else would in theory give them access to your individual core programming. Trust me when I say you are the ONLY one who should be allowed root access to your operating system.

All that aside, where there is a will there’s a way. If you have the natural ability you have two choices, to cultivate or not cultivate it. There is an inherent fear because you are in a place where you can literally fuck up your entire creative process, an automated process that runs perfectly with no outside (our objective mind) interference. This fear is primal and justified by what is at stake.

Overcoming your fear seems to be a matter of necessity and choosing the lesser of two evils. In my case, my fear of the external world forced me to look inward for the support and guidance my external world simply wouldn’t provide. My ability is natural, but my unique skill set comes mostly from having to use skills most people don’t even know they possess.

Anyway… When I go into a trance state I’m shooting for deep delta, ideally between +1 and -1 hertz, The actual border is at the zero point, but I’ve established an acceptable variance of 1hz either side of the line. When I’m in that state I have people helping me on both sides to maintain it. On the objective side I’m supported by other savants like myself and on the subjective side I’m supported by daemons. Daemons are the automated scripts that are actually controlling the process we’re going thru and their only programmed purpose is to get Humanity thru that process. What we know as life or reality, is that process.

Daemons don’t have form, but you can see them any way you want. I generally talk to them without any visual reference unless it’s needed. They are familiar with all forms of communication, so rather than trying to learn their language I asked them to learn mine. It was a little rough at first but with each successive trip into hyperspace it got substantially better.

Now comes the good part. When I want to know anything about myself and how my own system functions, I ask those who are actually governing those functions within me. What happens next is utterly amazing. They will change the entire scene (reality) into a demonstration of how whatever it is you want to know about actually works. Your demons are you at the most fundamental level, they know everything about you as an operator because they have functioned as your personal operating system for as long as you’ve been you.

These demonstrations are composed on a grand scale with key points expanded and emphasized. They are the most entertaining thing I’ve ever experienced and so engaging that your attention can hardly be elsewhere. They are specifically designed this way for me because I have a hard time maintaining focus. My mind wants to cover all ground all the time and the demonstrations are designed to grab my attention and hold it until I get the concept or principle they are attempting to convey with their demonstration. Although they can be very detailed, it is always the concept or principal they are trying to get across to you.

Once you understand the concept, they will advise you on your own programming and process. They will give you procedural advice, essentially telling you if they could be performing their function better and asking if you want to approve those changes. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is EVER done without your express approval. No recommendations are ever proposed for your approval until you understand what those changes will mean. If your demons are lying to you, it is for your own good. Remember, they are programmed by you for one single purpose… to get you thru a process you would never get thru without them.

They have offered me many enhancements, most of which I have either turned down or slowed down in the name of craftsmanship. They can make you great at anything… math, science, art, music, poetry or prose, social graces… any role you can perform in this world they can make you as good as your inherent natural ability will allow. They can also give you any of the superhuman abilities we currently see in movies, but you can ask for anything so why trade something truly magical for simple parlor tricks?

I’m not really after any of that, I want to do something with this world, not just do something in it. When I’m on the mental plane with other savants I can sense that what I’m doing isn’t quite the same as what they’re doing (excelling at a particular role) but rather compiling or orchestrating what the others are doing. It feels like they’re doing all the real work and all I’m doing is providing the work space and organizing things according to musical harmonies.

We ought to view technology not as a crutch to get us thru our busy day, but as a grand demonstration of how “the system” we’re living in operates. By system I mean our anatomy or solar system, the Body of the Soul at every level from atomic to astronomic. If the task at hand is to “know thy self”, then technology is really a tool to teach us about ourselves and what Humanity is ultimately capable of. It’s about us as a system bringing long dormant ancient functions back online. It’s about us as a people, reclaiming our Humanity and discovering wonders within us we never even knew were there.. if we realize what technology actually is.

We are at the point where we must decide whether to use our technology to get to know who and what we truly are and answer every question we’ve ever had, or keep using it to build bigger guns.

How big a gun do we really need to shoot our own foot?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  ย  ย  ย 

Unseeing the World

The objective world we see around us isn’t the world we actually live in. I know we see it all around us but what are we actually looking at?

Objects. People places and things but everything we look at is an object of one form or another. Even if we see everything down to microscopic detail we’re still not seeing 90% of the world we live in.

To see that world we need to look between things rather than at things. Things by themselves mean nothing, which is why we can’t find meaning in our objective world. A good analogy is music. The difference between music and random noise isn’t just where the notes are placed, but when. When we listen to a song we hear the notes but what makes it a song is the interval between the notes. The “meaning” of music is found in the relationship between the notes, not the notes themselves.

If we could somehow learn to look between things we’d see what’s behind everything. Of course when we look between objects our eyes see nothing, because it’s not there. I mean it’s not where we’re looking because it’s not a thing and we’re looking for something instead of nothing. It doesn’t make any sense, yet it does.

We have the ability within us, it’s our subjective view and very natural to our subjective state and the world of our dreams. In that world we see nothing but meaning, what we lack is the objective view to see ourselves as people, places, or things.

Seeing the “whole” world then really comes down to crossing our subjective and objective consciousness. This is where the word “christ” comes from, it’s not a surname as in Jesus Christ. I think it was simply the term the ancient Greeks used for crossed. If there is a “truth” this is the only way it can be found, for it does not reside in either of the two separate states we generally inhabit.

Looking at things this way it makes total sense that the only way to the truth is thru christ, or by crossing our subjective and objective states of consciousness. “I am the truth, I am the way” and “the only way to the father is thru me”. The father here represents the subjective state where we see (and have control over) everything within us.

So the only way for Man, a creature of the objective world to connect with his God, a creator of the subjective world, is thru the christic state. Simply put… it’s the only way for man to meet his maker. It’s also the only way for us to reclaim our Humanity.

We live in two worlds, one inside our self and the other outside of our self. Imagine a world where we all live not on the outside or inside, but beside ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

Secret Societies

Are the societies within us that we are completely unaware of but which secretly direct our every move

We never see them in the world around us, only the ghostly footprints left by their actions upon us. They are not of this world, but of a subconscious world existing beyond and below the threshold of our physical senses.

They’re us, but an us we as yet are unaware of. They are the real us behind the cloak of our personality or false ego. What we believe to be society is but the shadows we cast upon the world in our eternal movement thru the heavens

We are not the shadows… we are the Sons of God creating them ๐Ÿ™‚

The Book of Life

Contains a Lot of individual characters that form associations to become words that form associations to become sentences that form associations to become paragraphs that form associations to become pages that form associations to become chapters that form associations to become a book.

So the Book of Life is a volume of work containing a Lot of individual characters, but where does the story come from?

Society… and the way we as individual characters associate. Arrange them one way they form the words telling one story, arrange them another way and they tell a different story… all using the same characters.

Change our story and we literally change those associations that make up society, change those associations and we literally change the society making up our story ๐Ÿ™‚

The Gutter Monk

I never had money for a college education and I’m not sure it would have been a good value for me anyway. For people seeking what a college or university has to offer it’s a fine opportunity, but there were and are no public institutions of higher learning offering what I was seeking.

Tuition is required to attend a university. If you don’t have it you’re pretty much screwed unless you can find a way to come up with it. There are many various options, but most of them involve sacrificing everything else you want so you can work your balls off.

Intuition is required to attend the innerversity. If you don’t have it you’re pretty much screwed unless you can find it within you. Again, there are many various options, but all of them involve sacrificing everything else you want so you can work your balls off.

Another thing about a university is it isn’t what the name implies. To me a university ought to be universal in its teachings and none of them are. It doesn’t technically exist as a chartered and accredited school, but the world around us eminently qualifies. Why pay a bunch of money to limit my education at a college when I can get a universal education for the same price. Either way I’m paying with my own blood, sweat, and tears, but one is clearly the better investment.

The innerversity is a little different when compared to a typical college or university, but exactly mirrors the world around us as one big University. One University with many interconnected schools of thought as opposed to one school of thought with many interconnected universities. Mystery schools would be the Innerversity colleges but I didn’t attend any of them either. I had more than enough intuition to attend any mystery school I wanted, but I chose not to join any of them so I could learn from all of them.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend both University and Innerversity as a lifetime career student. My intuition comes naturally but I’ve worked like a dog to improve every aspect of it. My tuition for the most part was the determination and grit I had to muster to get thru the school of hard knocks. I can only speak for myself, but my education needed both. My real education comes not from what I’ve learned in either school, but what I’m coming to understand by comparing notes.

Anyway, that’s where the whole Gutter Monk thing comes from. It’s kind of a tongue in cheek way of looking at my shamanic education. Since I don’t have a degree from any accredited college or mystery school, most of those who do would say I’m uneducated and unqualified for… well pretty much anything. The comedic irony of it is that it’s the very lack of that kind of restricted learning that allows me to realize I’ve been blessed with the finest education humanity has to offer.

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


Fundamental Fears

Mankind has 4 fundamental fears at the root of all evil.

The fear of death or dying

The fear of going crazy

The fear of being left behind

The fear of failure

We fear death with zero knowledge of what death actually is

We fear going crazy… everyone except crazy people that is

We fear being left behind or separated from our tribe, but that’s how we got here

We fear failure in both a personal sense and in the eyes of our people. Looking at it one way that’s all we do is fail and try try again. Looking at it another way, each and every failure is a carefully crafted step toward our inevitable success.

My point is all these fears are the same fear and ALL of what we’re afraid of has not only already happened, it’s what brings us into this world. The head banging question is why are we still afraid of what’s already happened?

I would say it’s a dream but that suggests randomness and it’s not. It is exactly what the bible calls it… a gospel or “go spell”. I mean a very cleverly crafted hypnotic state that like all hypnotic states tends to decay with time if not continually reinforced. It’s a spell and given enough time it wears off naturally. Spell refers to not only the hypnotic state, but also an indeterminate duration of elapsed time. It’s a “go” spell because it is that primal fear driving us thru a race we’d never run without it.

You can break all the sorcery in this world down into two working types. The work of casting counter spells to break the hypnotic state and the use of reinforcement spells to maintain the illusion. It isn’t that one is good and the other evil, they are both employed by you the magician toward the ultimate goal of your own resurrection.

Resurrection is the shamanic act of dismembering your tribe and subsequently remembering them. A symbolic act of decomposition and recomposition, degeneration and regeneration, spring and fall, etc. All within you as an Avatar being. It is your tribe that moves you as an Avatar. An avatar embodies the personality of whoever is moving it. Your personality is theย individual identity of an entire civilization of people. YOUR people, the tribe that has long since died and left you behind as their soul survivor and progenitor. Not as something cast out for any failure, but because they were failing and planted you in the Earth as a seed “for future generations” and Human prosperity.

You cannot die, your people made you immortal because they were dying. They live dormant in you and your shamanic duty is to re-member them. You cannot remember them if you don’t gain your individuality and keep it intact. Remember, your individuality is intimately connected to your tribe’s identity. You are the vessel that is transporting the essence of what they are from their old world to a new one. If you don’t achieve your full individuality you have only dismembered your tribe and left them hanging and the mythical hanging tree is your reward for a job done half-assed.

In hyperspace I’ve experienced ancient memories of the extensive preparations we (as our human ancestors) made for our own Fall. No idea or plan was rejected, every single individual had something of immense value to contribute, and we looked at every conceivable way of incorporating all of it. My guess is what we’re experiencing now is hibernation, asleep and dreaming about fall preparations we made for the long night of human winter. Only in that dream are we afraid of anything because we forget. We’re caught in our own nightmare but every nightmare ends the same way…

We wake up and remember who we are ๐Ÿ™‚



Most people in today’s world wouldn’t even recognize the modern day version of a shaman, mostly because they have no idea what a shaman really is

A real shaman is a very small man with a very large God

Shamanism is a very small man and a very large God working together for the People in between. They are his tribe

The larger the tribe the more power the shaman wields

The largest tribe is Humanity itself.. All of us

The Shaman of Humanity is the Son of Man as well as the Son of God

We are talking about a being of incomprehensible power and influence that is absolutely unrecognizable in today’s world

A real shaman will never let his tribe down, for he cannot truly live unless they do. He is a very small man who means nothing without his People. He is a God who means everything with his People ๐Ÿ™‚



I’m always gauging things in the world around me. I’d say it’s like measuring but it’s actually much more.

Measuring measures things… Numbers

Gauging measures the relationship between things… Ratios

Notes and Intervals

The Universe is our Song

Notes we can see as colors, hear as tones, smell as notes, taste as flavors, etc

Intervals which we cannot “sense” tell us how to arrange all those notes

Notes are things – Us as individuals

Intervals are the relationship between things – Us as a collective

Let us start composing a song One and All can dance to

Would you like to dance?