A Glimmer of Hope

I’ve been pondering how it could even be possible to live without money, food, air, water or any of the external things we’re so dependent upon and afraid of losing.

I’m just getting a first look at it, but i think it’s a matter of achieving efficient routing and use of the energies within us. If we achieve 100% efficiency, we can close the system. Right now, we’re living in an open system – a womb of sorts, getting nourishment from our “mother” or the world around us.

Once you achieve this, you become a sovereign world within yourself. Because it contains all the energies it needs within itself to sustain itself (in four part harmony :)) it is now free to either accept or deny energies from outside sources, but is also free from having to depend on them.

I know this is what we’re after because of the social implications. If we’re all floating around the universe in our own little self sustaining bubbles, then all relationships become based on love, affection, and mutual interest. No more fake people or fake friends, no more compromising your integrity to get those outside resources, and nobody can sell you shit. In fact, nothing can have any effect on you at all unless you want it to.

I am also seeing a reduction process in myself over the last 14 years. It all started with quitting smoking, that was the giant I had to kill to prove I was worthy of pursuing all this. It really felt that way too, I knew in my heart that it was something I had to do to prove I was serious about the direction I was choosing. It was a battle of super wills for a year and a half, but when I finally stood on the field of victory, I knew it meant a whole lot more than just quitting smoking to my spiritual health.

I just had just squared off with my worst demon and won, but not by killing it. It was thru solid negotiation, meaning you are prepared with an army of might to back up the alternative options. I was able to use 25 years of smoking cigarettes to my total advantage in the resurrection process, in fact I couldn’t have done what I did to achieve the first stage without it.

I know that’s sounds ludicrous, but it’s based on relativity, or relative difference principle to make it easier to understand. Withing days of having my last cigarette, I was out walking and jogging every day and doing yoga and breathing exercises. I was going into particularly deep trances and hitting states of mind I had never before achieved. I was told that the reason I was able to hit such states was because of the relative difference in blood oxygen levels between smoking and not smoking. My body was used to operating with very low levels and I just supercharged it creating a huge relative difference. This is apparently something I could not have achieved had I never smoked at all, the “gain” from the relative difference was that much better than a clean healthy set of lungs.

Anyway, ever since then it’s been a steady reduction process of all dependencies. In my mind’s eye, this process has been like removing various weights from either side of a beam scale while trying to keep it from teeter tottering off balance. You have one advantage tho, you can move the fulcrum to compensate for some uneven weight. This is key, because you want to single out every demon and use all your other demons against it.

Otherwise, you’re fighting a war on two fronts because if you remove a weight from one side of the scale, you have to remove and equal amount of weight on the other side to keep from going completely off balance in an unrecoverable way. It rarely works trying to get them to go head to head and cancel each other out, they’ll usually join forces and beat you over the head for being stupid.

The other cool thing I’ve noticed, is that I don’t have to consciously try very hard to accomplish this. I’m subconsciously removing a little something here when my conscious mind is looking over there. I only even notice it’s happening when I look back on a period of time. This is all being done in a prioritized manner, in the order of worst first. Whatever is most affecting system balance and integrity is always next on the list.

The other thing I notice is the process has a kind of half life to the reduction. At the points where I’m looking back, I can always see and say that I’m only consuming half of what I was at the last point I looked back on it. Like eating, every time I look back in review, I can literally see that I’m only eating half as much as I used to… without trying or even noticing until I do look back.

The reduction isn’t just happening on a physical level, my thoughts are being cleaned up and streamlined as well, attitudes are changing, autistic meltdowns are actually a rarity now instead of the norm, I am much fonder and more genuinely caring of the life around me, misinterpretation is turning into understanding… it’s happening on all levels of my being.

I’m seeing all that as ample evidence that I’m on the right track with this idea. I was worried that I wouldn’t achieve this before the grub runs out, but I think the reason the grub is running out is to ween us off of it. I sure hope so.