I’m always comparing myself to other people and the world around me. I like to find out what makes people tick and then compare that to myself in an attempt to see what makes us who we are. Not what we appear to be, but WHO we are.

We all look pretty much the same on the surface, but underneath the facade we’re as different to each other as all the individual species of the animal kingdom. Among us are people that behave like everything we see in nature, people that are pigs, people that are foxes and wolves, people that are lions and people that are lambs. If you look at how people get along in this world, you will see every trick in nature’s book, developed and tested first in plants and animals.

It’s really about self discovery, I want to know who we all are under the masks here at the Halloween Ball. It’s a monster mash and we’re all demons in disguise. Monads would be easier to understand and put into perspective, because we’ve kind of demonized demons in popular culture. It’s your personal god within you, the individualized power of god made individual by your individual ego or personality. Think of walking a dog, the dog is under it’s own power but you’re the one directing where it goes. God – doG, as above so it is inverted below. Your monad is the god in you that’s directing your movements as a man thru your subconscious mind. It’s the Star Man in you.

When I do compare myself to people around me, I notice that I’m very different from anyone else I know or have ever met. On the outside I look pretty much the same, but on the inside I think and see things in a radically different way than anyone I know. People don’t seem to be as naturally inquisitive about the world around them as they ought to be. I really don’t get how anything could be more important than figuring out wtf is going on in the world, to me it seems to be a necessary step before deciding what you’re going to do with your life therein.

It’s about coming to conclusions. People stop trying to sort it out when they reach a conclusion… right or wrong. This is fine if you’re absolutely 100% sure you’ve come to the correct conclusion, but how often does that happen. We also tend to come to conclusions early in life, before we have most of the facts. The game here is a race, so it makes sense that people would be trying to get ahead in any way possible, but since we’re really racing ourselves, you’re only getting ahead of yourself.

In an etymological sense, if an “occlusion” serves to cloud or confuse, then a “conclusion” serves to block it out completely so you will never see the light of day.

One observable difference I’ve noticed between me and others is that I leave a lot of possibilities open and I can do that comfortably. People seem to be uncomfortable with a zillion conflicting thoughts and ideas zooming around in their head, bringing them to a conclusion makes things easier to manage. We’re actually coming to many little conclusions all the time, and from those many little conclusions we extrapolate a bigger picture of what is going on.

What I’m saying is that coming to a conclusion “concludes” a mental process that should be kept going. Coming to ANY conclusion before all the facts are in closes the door to any additional information wanting to come thru it.

I can see this evidenced in my own life. How is it I’m seeing things clearly that someone standing right next to me looking at the same thing cannot see? Some people will when you point it out to them, others simply refuse to look where you point. Being autistic I’ve drawn my fair share of really bad conclusions, usually about stupid bullshit… I didn’t get the joke or someone didn’t get mine. It’s the same thing tho, when someone that does see it clearly tries to point it out to me.

I’m thinking we have to come to conclusions in order to manage things mentally, but every conclusion closes off an avenue of insight to what is really going on here. The conclusions I’ve drawn in life haven’t made things easy from a social standpoint, but the conclusions I didn’t come to are making what’s happening now possible.

Unbelievable things are happening in my life right now. They shouldn’t be unbelievable, nothing should, but we’ve been limited by this world and anything that isn’t shaved down to a nub seems impossible. This is a surmountable problem, lost belief can be re-created if you’ve left the door open behind you. If you’ve shut all your doors to inspiration by coming to conclusions about what is possible before all the facts are in… good luck.

Good Luck 🙂