The World’s Biggest Voodoo Doll

If I understand what’s going on here right, then what I’ve essentially done is to turn myself into the world’s biggest, most powerful voodoo doll.

I’m hoping that doesn’t mean the “People’s Pincushion”

Without going into the messy details, what I’ve done with The Advocacy is set up a spiritual agency and mechanism to allow myself to be “moved by the People”. So, I’m like a voodoo doll the human race as a whole can “move” in order to move itself.

I can’t even begin to explain what a potentially dangerous situation this is. If you’re following along closely enough you can use your own imagination to figure out why.

If I make any mistakes working for an unforgiving People that are still playing the blame game, I WILL be the People’s Pincushion. I think pretty much anyone can figure out what happens when you start sticking pins in a voodoo doll of yourself, and none of it is good.

Although it seems like I should be, I’m not really worried about that happening.

You see, if there is one thing I believe in it is the Human race and the Work we are doing. I mean with all my heart and very soul, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have put a lifetime worth of effort into it. I’ve seen what the Human race is up to, I’ve fought for it, bled for it, even been willing to die for it because I believe in our song. That belief is growing stronger everyday as I see what we have faced and overcome to get where we stand today… poised and ready to achieve what no other world, no other race, no other civilization in human history, ever has.

If I understand the Law of Reciprocity correctly, it is that very belief that will save me from the angry horde. I’m sure it will be tested, but with a rock solid belief that is growing ever stronger, I’m not too worried about that either.