How Lucifer got to be Satan

I’m winging this off the top of my head and I’m not really sure why I’m going there in the first place but here goes.

When you look at the whole Satan and Lucifer thing the deeper you look the more convoluted it gets. Typically in public mythology they are thought to be one and the same. Typically in esoteric mythology they are polar opposites. A good way to think of it is Lucifer represents looking forward and Satan represents looking backward in your thoughts. Your dreams and aspirations of what might be are Lucifer’s, your nightmares and fears of what might be lost belong to Satan.

So how the hell did they ever come to be perceived as the same thing?

I’m reeling this up from the deep so it could need tweaking at some point but I think it’s basically on. I’m using the gospels of the new testament and personal correspondences as reference points.

First of all, let’s look at what a gospel actually is – a “go spell”. If you look up the definitions of both words you’ll see that when you combine them it pretty much describes in a nutshell what is going on here. It’s describing the hypnotic trance we put ourselves under so we can believe all this is real and run for our lives. It’s the dream we’re all dreaming when we think we’re awake. It’s what makes a Human Race.

There are four gospels and I believe these are each a part or stage in a progressive build process. What’s being built is the Temple of Man, a world view that can contain all the possible worlds of all men. It is a Holy place… as in a church capable of containing the entire “mass” of Humanity. These four gospels have names, I believe they are the actual names of the hosts involved with the names themselves denoting the function they’re performing in the overall build process.

Remember it’s us hosting all those worlds we see in the heavens at night, we are looking at our own astral bodies thru the eyes of our physical avatars here on Earth. Remember also that this world belongs to the 13th Mystery school and that what we are trying to do here is just that, build the Temple of Man or become capable of hosting the All within your individual self. We’re here to become Holy Men, you know… WHOLE men… Human.

We’re all here because we each thought in our boldness that we were capable of pulling it off. This is because as beings of unlimited power and potential, we KNOW we can do anything. That is, until we feel the smack on our fresh little ass and start gasping for air in a world so chaotic and fucked up most of us never even come close to making sense of it. Welcome to Earth, you just got your God ass spanked by a girl.

So we each have our own individual plan on how we’re going to do this, actually, more like a single universal reference plan that we all execute in our own individual way. This world as a mystery school is looking to graduate students and as such is looking for any plan that works to achieve this. The problem is that when we get here we are unaware of our plan except for the instinctual knowledge we need to follow it and when we become seduced, mesmerized and confused by all this world contains, we abandon our instincts and end up outsmarting what would have been an idiot proof plan.

So Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John represent the hosting plans of individuals here attempting to do this. The first three represent failures to achieve the end goal and there could be any number of them but there are four because thru all of these failures a four cornered foundation is solidly built. Remember the geometric form of this temple is identical to that of the Great Pyramid, which represents the strongest most solidly built geometric structure there is. After all, it has to be strong enough to contain the All, or God, a god that is going to try to pound his way out with an all powerful hammer.

Matthew I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I think it represents breaking everything down into raw materials and assessing what you have to work with. Mark would be the “mark” you set for your project… what’s the grandest thing you can build with what you’ve got. Luke or Lucifer would be the Light that guides you in executing that plan in a world of darkness and confusion, and John would be the actual building of the Temple itself… the light that contains the light.

Now Satan and the devil are one, because Satan is the setting sun or old host on the way out, the devil is the same thing, that which has already “lived” and is now undergoing the resurrection process. Here’s where I think it got a little twist – if you look at the order of the gospels and realize we are “in” the gospel of Saint John now, and that the previous gospel was hosted by Saint Luke or Lucifer, you can see how the equation came about.

A “Saint” is an individual who allows the pure unadulterated reference plan to shine thru them into the world without interference from their individual personality or ego. This does NOT mean getting rid of your ego, it means bringing your individual ego into attunement with the ego of the collective.

Lucifer under that scenario would actually be the host of the old man about to retire and John the host of the new man coming into his own. So in that way, Lucifer is the devil or Satan and John then becomes the new host that is able to contain not only the new world, but the old host within that new world… the light that contains the light or “light bearer”. Lucifer is still in our language base meaning lucid or the light bulb that goes on in the cartoon when dude gets a clue… the bright idea or inner light that shines forth. Each gospel contains the one before it, each host therefore contains the previous host and in fact MUST to become the new host.

John is the “new” Lucifer in that he is the new host we’re looking forward to while Lucifer is the “new” Satan in that he is the old host we’re departing from that is trying to hang on. Not to oppose the new host as before, but as part of a period of pharaonic co-regency to teach and help him ascend to the throne. What’s in it for him is new life in a better Heaven on Earth than we had before, same thing that’s in it for all of us.

You can see this manifesting in our physical realities here. Lucid awareness is what allows you to make yourself shine in the darkness, it’s what makes you a star in this world. The problem is, it’s also what makes you bat shit crazy if you can’t properly contain it. Hollywood stars are shining examples for us of what occurs when we start playing in that arena. The light is really the focused attention of the collective on a single point to express itself thru it. That point is a star… it’s you. We’re all here to get attention because attention from the world around us is what gives us life, but too much of a good thing is a quick burn to death. We’re learning how to handle the attention of the whole world focused upon us.

We’re each trying to contain the light of all humanity within our individual self for the soul purpose of letting it burst forth in a fountain of creative expression for all of humanity to enjoy. At the moment there are only a few really bright stars, but soon all of humanity will be shining forth with the light of the entire universe emanating thru each and every one of us. At that point, we will need to have learned how to handle an entire world focused solely on us.

So in a way we are all collectively John in this age, but John is also the first individual with a plan that worked to contain the All within the individual Self. In fact the very name John Peni El means just that – “the One who contained the All within his individual Self”. It could be prophesied in Edgar Cayce’s time, because by then it was “bound to happen” according to the plan.

Phew! Like pulling my one of my own teeth with my tongue but I got it out… bloody and mangled tho it may be. That’s your new world that’s coming tho, the entire world around you focusing ALL of its attention on you, and we’re gonna want to be able to handle that without self destructing 🙂