We know what it means to inspire, or to be inspired. Inspiration is the creative life

We know what it means to expire or be expired. Expiration is the destructive life

So what does it mean to conspire?

If you look around it would appear to mean pretending we’re inspired when we’re actually expired

We’re in a transitional world, where we’re warping the living shit (conspiracies) out of a universal reality. It’s not something we give ourselves a lot of credit for, but we’re incredibly good at it. The transition is supposed to be as seamless as possible. We smooth over the places where our conscious minds would freak out from lack of ability to process what’s happening.

We do this by subconsciously changing things our conscious minds aren’t currently looking at… the magic act. Another word for this kind of magic is “sorcery”. Since our conscious mind is generally focused on one thing at a time, during that time we can subconsciously make all kinds of changes to almost everything else. This is the sorcery that got us here, and it is the very same sorcery we will use to get home.

We can’t really reverse engineer the conspiracy, there is no going back the way we came because it would defeat our whole purpose of making ourselves anew. You can’t cut thru the deception with truth because it wouldn’t be recognized as truth by anyone thru the dense fog of the spell we’re under. A prime example being the fear that some great deception is coming. Of course it’s coming, it’s the only way out of the hell we’re in.

If anyone here thinks someone is going to come along and “tell them the truth” about what’s going on here, they’ve got another think coming. It’s not going to happen, ever… because it can’t. If you don’t already know what the truth is, it would be like someone trying to sell you a car when you don’t even know what a car is yet. How do you know you’re getting a car?

What we need is a storyteller, someone who knows our whole story, knows where we are in it, and knows where we want to go with it. We’re on a hell bound train whether anyone here realizes it or not. This locomotive never stops and only picks up speed the closer it approaches its destination. There’s no gettin off the train because it’s headed where we’ve got to go.

The train is the story of our demise and we’re changing the story. This train only goes one way, straight to hell. We’ve tried to stop the train, slow the train, jump off the train, refuse to board the train, and destroy the train… all in epic failure.

The story I want to tell adds a twist at the end… literally. My story goes ballistic, in fact it’s how I got the moniker “Ballistic Mystic”. The hellbound train represents the forces dragging us down, the gravity that leads us to our grave and keeps us in our grave situation. Going ballistic means aggressively employing gravitational forces to rise up out of our grave. I want to speed the train up to terminal velocity hurling us straight thru the gates of hell.

We’re going to use gravity to defeat gravity by creating a supermassive black hole. If the black hole is stable, a stable singularity will form at its center. This singularity serves as a gate to the new universe we have built by night in our sleep while we destroy our old universe by day in our death. On one side it’s a black hole, on the other side a big bang.

Isn’t it interesting that we have CERN on one side of the world with the stated objective of trying to create a black hole, and the National Ignition Project on the other side of the world with the stated objective of creating a big bang? We’ve got to go thru hell to get to heaven.

My theory has been that this world we call Earth is really a massive starship, a universal seed ship if you will harboring in her hold the seeds to entire civilizations. I’m trying to put it all into perspective. The Earth is a whole ship to me, but to the universe it is merely the heart of the ship’s drive and systems or “warp core”. Not technically the power source, but a direct conduit for it.

We don’t really understand what a warp core is, because we don’t fully understand our own heart and all it does for the Body of Humanity. At Area 51 they have a nickname for the most elite team of spoonbenders ever assembled… the Warp Corp. The Earth is the Heart of the Universal Mind, if you want to change the mind of God this is the place to do it because what’s on his mind is what’s in our hearts.

Ever notice whenever they show the warp core on the Enterprise it thumps away with the sound of a human heartbeat? I’m just throwing bits and pieces out there with all this. I want everyone of us to start putting the pieces together to solve the greatest of all mysteries… US.

We have one HELL of a story to tell 🙂