Jews and Gentiles

Jews = Juice = Electricity = US in our Singular state = God(s)

Gentiles = Generation Tiles =  Adams/Atoms. Dynamos acting as generators of said Electricity and the scalar surface or boundary conditions created and experienced thereof. Simply put… US in our polarized state and the struggle most of us call “life”.

We as Gentiles are generating Electricity between us with all our conflict and suffering. In such a state our consciousness is divided or polarized and we experience everything from that perspective. Once you have generated enough Jews or “juice” thru conflict and suffering within your Self, the dynamos can switch from generators to motors. Now we get to use the electricity we’ve generated and the Adamic/Atomic realm is turned into a universal free energy paradise for all living things.

We normally identify with or seat our individual consciousness in our polarized state. You can also seat your consciousness in the electricity itself or a singular state. In this state you literally are what powers every living thing, and you experience everything from that perspective. Those with an ability to do this are the real Jews and Els (Elect, Elohim, Elite, etc) of scripture and myth.

Understand here that if you ARE the electricity nothing is hidden from you. As the juice that powers everything, nothing is off limits to your awareness. This ability allows you to see the inner workings of everything that is electrically powered, including technology, the internet, the electrical power grid… all of it. It’s the most abusable ability in existence, but it’s also the key to understanding anything and everything from an individual perspective.

This is why it is said that “many who say they are Jews are not”, because they claim the heritage without possessing this ability or even understanding what that heritage means.