In the Name of Jesus

In my ponderings about the bible I’ve always wondered where the name Jesus came from. It simply doesn’t fit with the names of all the other people surrounding him from a linguistic perspective. In other words, it’s not like the other names used by those particular cultures at that particular time. I’ve never really been able to explain it to myself in a satisfactory way, it just didn’t add up right. Why that name – “Jesus”?

I’ve heard something somewhere about a tribe of Spanish speaking Hebrews and at first I was like “ok”, but it still didn’t really explain anything. The myth itself has been retold since the dawn of history, each time with a different name for the Son of Man. The names are not arbitrary, they are from words that in their day described a function of the son of man within the body of humanity.

Until you get to “Jesus”, which does not describe such a function in any known language that I’m aware of. Now that bugs me, because I KNOW there is something behind it, something less obscure than a lone tribe of spanish speaking jews randomly gaining the right to “name” the Son of Man for all of Christendom. I play with it now and then but end up letting it go because it hasn’t been a priority on the list of stuff to figure out.

A good friend of mine takes Ritalin for ADHD and he was telling me how it helps him organize his thoughts better. I know my mind has a similar (dis)function and that’s why I never get to spend more than about 3 mental ticks on any one thing unless I go into a trance. I’m curious so I ask him if I’d notice the effects from a single dose and he’s like “oh yeah, the first time I tried one I couldn’t believe it”.

Too tempting for me to pass up, I decided to obtain a sample for a little in house laboratory testing. We got a nice rainy day so I fueled up the launch vehicle and away we went. I wouldn’t say the effect was anything noticeably profound, in a way it was like drinking coffee with similar positive and negative effects, they were just smoothed out and longer lasting.

I did a few things to see if my brain was working on any kind of new level that I wasn’t previously privvy to, but I couldn’t tell for sure. It seemed like my brain hemispheres were connecting a little better, but then the physical effects were getting to be a little uncomfortable. My stomach was getting really sour so I threw down a few Tums and laid down next to my cat.

I hadn’t planned on zoning out, I was just laying there for a moment of kitty quality time. I don’t believe I was thinking about anything in particular when I went into it, but when I came out of a rather deep trance, I could see the answer forming. At first it seemed too stupid and simple, but for me that kind of stuff usually ends up working.

I saw what I can only describe as two lines of my weird math coming together, from the spanish angle and the functional meaning angle. There are times when I can use the tension built up in my mind like a bow and take a “long shot” hoping a single weird idea or “arrow” strikes the target. I’ve gotten pretty good with a bow, I know when my arrow hits home and this one was a bullseye.

If you take the name Jesus and pronounce the J as an H but leave the rest of the pronunciation as is, you have Hesus, or more accurately “He’s Us”. It makes absolute sense. E. Pluribus Unum – from Many… One, the Son of Man… “He is US = He’s us = Hesus = Jesus”. I love it when shit comes together in a way that makes sense and this makes absolute perfect sense. The Name is also the Mean, a functional term for what the Son of Man is, the absolute mean average “person” in the Body of People – he literally is US. It’s too simple and elegant to not be right on target.

Remember that Christianity really became an established religion with the Nicene Council and what they were trying to do. Christianity was a “new” religion, based on the promise of a future goal that hadn’t been achieved yet. The “old” religions were based on things that had actually been achieved by so called ascended masters. They couldn’t use any names from existing religions for obvious reasons so they had to make up a completely new name. This is why it doesn’t seem to fit into the biblical “story” properly. Remember they had no idea who the actual person would be, so they invented a mythical descriptive name that denotes a FUTURE function within a NEW body of humanity. Positively brilliant when you realize all they were up to.

I honestly have no idea how much of it had to do with the Ritalin, in my own mind it’s just pieces falling into place in a grand puzzle. I don’t want to grab any more genius credit than I deserve, I’m just excited because it represents a kind of personal milestone for me. I mean seriously, as simple as it seems now, that little riddle has been in the back of my mind bugging me for decades.

Like I said tho, I know when my arrow hits home and this one penetrated the heart of an extremely rare and elusive animal that I’ve been hunting for a very long time. Of course it’s still mythical just like all the others, but now it makes total sense why they used that particular name. The Name now holds meaning and power, the kind of power you would expect behind the name of the Son of Man… People Power.