Make Believe

One glaring problem with the world is that we don’t believe in anything. That’s got to change, because everything is us. The belief we have lost is belief in ourselves, again because everything is us. The simple math here says that in order to regain the belief we have lost in ourselves we need to go from not believing in anything to believing in everything.

We’re living in a make believe world. I’m not talking about the world we create in our dreams and fantasies, I’m talking about the world we try to make ourselves believe is real. What we call the real world IS the make believe world. If it were actually real, then why would we have to make ourselves believe it?

What we have come to believe isn’t real. This isn’t life here, it is stagnation and death all around because of one single thing – a complete lack of belief in what IS real… US. “We” are all there’s ever been or ever will be and we can be anything we want, so if we’re not being what we want to be, we’re not living.

Life will ALWAYS spring out of death, for the simple reason that it requires a considerable amount of effort to force ourselves to believe anything. We are people and people believe what they want to believe. We never wanted to believe this, we had to in order to make ends meet. I know my own nature and that of my people, we’re not going to spend one single tick of time longer than is absolutely necessary making ourselves believe this shit is real.

In the resurrection process we come into a divine inheritance. What we inherit is the Power of Belief. While it may not sound like much, it is everything we need to resurrect Humanity as the divine masters of our own destiny. With the power of belief you don’t have to make yourself believe anything, you have the power to believe what you want to believe. There is nobody else trying to make you believe anything because we all believe in everything… because we believe in ourselves.

Right now we don’t exercise that power, if we did you could bring your dreams and fantasies into this world with no interference from the “reality” of make believe. We ARE coming into our inheritance tho, the rigidity of our make believe world is beginning to soften. This means we’re transitioning into our new world where our every whim and fantasy becomes real before our very eyes.

This world isn’t real, it’s make believe. What we’ve made ourselves believe about ourselves is a travesty of epic proportions. There is nothing in the details worth saving because it’s all bullshit. What is worth saving and equally epic is the “sense” of reality we have created. Without it, how could we make ALL our dreams come true?

I say we ditch the bullshit and keep the reality, but start filling it with our dreams and aspirations of who we really are. Bullshit makes great fertilizer, if you throw it in a ditch good things will grow out of it. If you throw a whole lot of it in a ditch, a whole lot of good things will grow out of it. Maybe it’s a good thing we’re not short on bullshit these days 🙂