A More Perfect Union

So the story goes that we fell from a state of grace, grace being a perfectly balanced union of opposites.

How the hell do you fall from that? We’re in the end all be all ultimate state of consciousness and perfected utopian society and what… we just tripped and fell?

First of all, what is there left to “do” in a utopian society? The only challenge left would be trying to improve upon perfection and it would be the primary goal of each and every individual and society as a whole.

Pursuing it a little further, what would be the only way to improve upon a perfect society? All technology has reached it’s pinnacle, everyone is living in harmony with everyone else and beauty is the nature of the world.

The only possible improvement would be more joy and the only way to add it to what already exists is by adding another member to that utopian society. It’s not as simple as just making babies. The world we’re talking about is a perfectly tuned system of incomprehensibly high order and complexity. Adding a single note means re-tuning the whole system.

We are “here” because we’re attempting to do just that. As you can imagine with each successive “re-union” the challenge becomes greater. Each note adds to the symphony of life, but the more notes you add the more difficult it is to achieve a perfect composition.

So the trick is to break the system down into its individual parts or quantum bits, the decomposition process. Then you add a single note which is you as an individual and recompose the system. In other words we always have to do one better than our previous attempt. It’s probably the very origin of “one upmanship” within us, it’s the natural growth function of Humanity at work.

We’re doing all this in our individual mind which acts like instancing in online games. It’s a space or room separated from the rest of the game where you do your own thing without interference from other players.

It’s virtual space where the system gives us a chance to best it. The only way to best it is to be able to contain within your Self a higher harmonic system order. What you’ve done then is contain that system plus one… you.

If you fail you are sacrificed by the tribe within you as an offering of humility to whatever god they worship. Worship here being to collectively assemble and god meaning the intelligence composing and directing the assembly. That assembly can either be a subsystem or the entire system, in other words there are gods and there is God.

If you’re successful, everything changes. It’s a Revolution of the People, changing to adapt to the new system. The ancient utopian system is never destroyed, it is simply reordered to include a new member and thus becomes a more perfect union.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

A Mighty Order of the Ages is Born Anew 🙂