The Baptism of Humanity

I was taking a walk with my dog when I got a look at something.

If you look at what has been going on since our “fall” from what we used to be, you could say it’s a mass baptism in a sea of consciousness. You can imagine at the surface you see the light of consciousness radiant as the splendid sun, but as you go deeper the light gets dimmer and dimmer. At the bottom of our baptismal dip, where we are now, it’s almost black. If it weren’t for a few divers with flashlights we’d see nothing at all.

But we’re rounding the curve at the bottom of the dip and being pulled back up by the priest within us. That’s an important correspondence at a crucial time, because it means we don’t have to “try” to get back to the light, we’re being lifted.

This is personally applicable to me at this particular time in life because my conscious mind wants to freak out about what is happening within me. On the outside I see an eminent collapse of something, probably the old way of looking at things. On the inside, I have something happening that is indescribably wonderful, and likely what I have sought all my life. The problem is, one seems real, and the other is real, but which is which? My mental teeter totter is perplexed.

I want emancipation from the cares of the world, I’ve been wanting it for a while now. What I mean is I don’t want to have all the dependencies I have now that keep me in a state of fear and worry when I think about losing them. Things like food, water, utilities, clothing, a warm bed, taking care of loved ones dependent on me, etc. I know that all these things are just ways we look at managing various energies within us. Atomically speaking, we don’t need to eat, but we would need vectored energies of varying color and intensity to keep our individual standing wave packets intact and strong. I want better ways of looking at and managing those energies.

We’re atoms, kind of like the ultimate atom because a whole human being contains all atoms everywhere. But what atoms really are is focused energy, the energy of conscious thought or awareness. When we become aware of something, our first instinct is to look at it. This very act makes it appear or manifest as something material, the more we focus the more it takes shape. The thing you’re most aware of is “you”, your own identity because you are focused on the task of creating your individual self. The thing we’re second most aware of is the people around us to see how they’re doing what we’re doing.

We are always far more focused on ourselves than anything around us, to the point where we don’t even realize the sea of consciousness we’re swimming in. The aim of that is obviously individuality, it’s part of how we create our individual identity. We also know that these standing wave packets or atoms resonate at certain frequencies. I call these ring frequencies or just “rings”, it’s how we identify and differentiate between “things” in the material world. It’s also how we “tune in” to different dimensions and realities and how all these hidden worlds can be right here without us knowing about it.

I think from an atomic view, we’re trying to create standing waves that can resonate with any and all other standing waves in the sea of consciousness, which is also us, we just aren’t aware of it so we call it the unconscious. As you can see tho, it’s actually pure consciousness… clear… passive consciousness. God if you will, but that’s our personification of a electromagnetic field of vibration that is conscious of itself as itself, but cannot differentiate all of the constituent parts within itself. Omniscience. This is one of the ways we look at ourselves, you are simply you, without regard to the universe of activity within.

The subconscious mind is actually the same consciousness in activity… mentally doing something, or “thinking”. When we put clear passive consciousness into action it gets colored by our emotions, creating the world we see around us. Thoughts are the stopping of continuous thought to get a look at what we’re doing. The reason we think in thoughts is because we’re mentally doing something, stopping to see what we’re doing, and then going back to doing it. The times when we’re stopping things to observe, measure and identify, is essentially what our individual conscious self knows as life, being almost entirely unconscious of the rest of us.

The conscious mind is the “man”, the standing waves created by the act of observation and description of what we’re doing, but it’s not actually what we’re doing, just a description of it based on observation and measurement. Consciously, we see our “self” as those measurements, but those measurements only describe what we’re seeing, they don’t define it until we understand just what it is we’re looking at. We see faces and are able to differentiate and identify, but we don’t really see what lies behind them, including our own.

It is the subconscious mind that is actually thinking, or doing something, the conscious mind is simply an observer that believes it is in control. I can say that a lot of what makes me autistic and causes so much struggle and aggravation in my world is this act of observation constantly interrupting what I’m actually trying to do. If I could just let it flow, I would be graceful and flawless at everything, but I can’t do that until I figure out what it is I’m doing thru experimentation and observation. The subconscious mind is the priest in us, the “hand” or “word” of god because it is your passive consciousness moving in action.

I think I’m finally getting a whole lot of stuff, but the message that wants to ring thru loud and clear is to get my conscious mind out of the way so my subconscious mind can bring the whole of me back to the surface – so the fish becomes aware of the sea and the sea becomes aware of the fish… Humanity in all it’s glory as the true masters of creation. Or just me, finally figuring out wtf is going on around me so I can respond to life instead of reacting to it. MOTD: “Stop reacting to what you don’t know and start responding with what you do know”.

Looking at a baptism again, when we first get dunked into a sea of chaos, we’re kicking and screaming like infants, fighting it the whole way. Why? Because we’ve just come from a state of totally knowing what’s going on to “wtf is happening to me?” and we fight to make sense out of it. The deeper you go the less sense it makes until you get to the bottom where things make almost no sense at all. It’s important at this juncture to quit kicking and screaming and let the priest do his job and fill the vessel (your conscious mind) with holy water (understanding or whole consciousness) by letting him lift you up with your mouth wide open. I’m sure this has everything to do with both the Egyptian Opening of the Mouth ceremony and the sign of Aquarius pouring the holy water.

The best thing about this is I don’t have to consciously ”make” it happen, all I have to do is quit kicking and screaming (reacting out of fear and misunderstanding) and let a highly trained priest do his job and it should heal not only me, but my entire world around me (an end to any and all misunderstanding).