It’s been said that possession is 9/10 of the law.

So what law are we talking about?

It can only be love. Love has to do with the heart and the heart has to do with possession. Besides, it says “the” law, meaning it supercedes all other laws.

The way to love is thru possession of and by the human heart and we have become wholly possessed. This is what they’re talking about in the bible with the Son of Man fulfilling the law to become the law.

E. Pluribus Unum, out of many One. We’re talking about a body of people creating a son, an immaculate conception. This “native son” is the heart of any tribe and will manifest itself thru possession. It will be by nature the most average member and in this way one member contains the entire tribe. This is the true priest or shaman, because he is capable of containing and moving his whole tribe within himself. The tribe is the body, and since the body “contains” the heart it becomes a case of mutual possession.

The true Alpha, because his tribe has made him so. Normally there is no tribal conflict within a world, because each world is of a single tribe. This world is different tho, this is a world of alpha males all seeking dominance and the power they’re used to with their own tribe in their own world. Maybe it’s why real self control in this world is next to impossible, look at what this world tribe consists of. It’s a bunch of pissed off alpha males in a deep pit locked in mortal combat. If it were just a fight to the death it would be easy, the real fight is trying to get everyone to work together without killing each other. You have to convince every last one of them that working together to get out of the pit is better than being the last man standing in a pit with no way out.

This isn’t a world of people in the way we’ve come to think of it. Each and every person here is that chosen representative of their race and world. An “avatar” but in this case the avatar is an entire civilization in seed form. It’s where we get the term Siddhi mystic from. He is both a seed to preserve his tribe in death and an priest to represent his tribe in life. It is literally the function of each and every individual here to bring their tribe back to life after the destruction has passed. This is a world of avatars.

You are the most important endeavor your tribe has ever undertaken. You are more precious to them than life itself. If they lose their lives in creating you it doesn’t matter, because their lives will spring forth from you out of the ashes of destruction. You are their Phoenix. Everything they had, were, and ever hoped for is encapsulated in you. “They” are our ancestors, and they waiting for us to bring them back to life out of their own ashes.

They are very eager to show us how to do just that, which is why they have been trying to communicate with us thru time. Not thru space, they’re already in our space but out of time, or we’re out of time depending on how you look at it. Time passes differently with them, in a few hours with them I experience what would take years here, sometimes even thousands of years. The distance we must span to communicate is thru time, not space.

They’re the ancient builders. Not only did they build their mighty high civilizations, they made you. Every individual soul in this world is a stone (a stone because you’re them in a supercondensed form) the builders refused. By refused I mean cast out of your tribe… death. It wasn’t because the love was lost, rather the contrary, they loved you more than life itself.

Our ancestors were casting their own seeds. You can and will reconnect with them at some point and they will make every effort humanly possible to impress upon you how important and dear you are to them. This is the most gratifying, healing, humbling, amazing, and wonderful experience I’ve ever had. The sheer awe and amazement in discovering who we really are and what we’re a part of is truly inspiring.

Meeting our ancestors is the only way to remember who we really are because they can “remind” us. They will literally reconfigure your mind to show you and they can do it because they are your mind. Mind is a mental matrix, a composition of thoughts (people) arranged in a unique pattern. If you’ve given them free will, they can arrange themselves and rearrange themselves into any pattern within the complexity level of your individual matrix. I can’t really explain how this works as well as your own people can show you.

Real possession means they are YOUR people and you are their most prized possession, it is the sacred marriage. You are the Son/Sol/Soul and your tribe is your long lost mate(s).

It’s time for the dead to wake the sleeping so the sleeping can raise the dead 🙂