Men vs Gods

Some of the stuff I work with and try to understand is so difficult to explain to anyone else that I just really don’t know what to do about it. If it were long enough to get a fist full, I’d be pulling my hair out on a daily basis trying to figure it out.

One of those things is the Hall of Records that Edgar Cayce spoke of and the Arcane technology contained therein. We are talking about a technology so advanced it doesn’t even seem possible, it’s not even what we typically think of as technology.

In the ascension/reincarnation cycle our gods are the laws that govern everything. For eons man has suffered and toiled for those gods based on a promise that has yet to be fulfilled. We come here, life’s a bitch, then we die and there is little we can do about it because to gods, men are but a morsel to be consumed. Grapes are a good analogy because they’re essentially a bag made of skin containing juice. You pop the grape and you get the juice. Atoms are a bag of juice, or electricity contained within a magnetic field.

When we die, our magnetic field collapses and the spark of electricity inside goes back to our “god” or the overall electrical field that all atoms are floating around in. What it has that’s so tasty, is the impressions left upon it by other magnetic fields impinging on it during the experience here we call life.

“We are Borg, you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile, your uniqueness and distinctiveness will be added to our own.” Unless the Human Enterprise or Resurrection comes along to save the day, we will all be assimilated into a collective where individual expression is not only strictly forbidden, the individuals don’t even realize it’s possible because there is no individual free will. Ascension is not all it’s cracked up to be.

This is what drives heavenly societies. Gods would simply be God without it, and that’s not very sociable. In order for God to be Gods, there has to be a way to separate something that isn’t. Gods are in fact not separate from each other, they only enjoy an impression of it that is gained thru incarnation. Without a supporting magnetic field to maintain individual impressions and produce new ones, those impressions eventually die. They don’t die because they’re mortal, what’s mortal is the boredom of being the same thing forever without being able to change it.

From another point of view, the reason you as an immortal god bother to incarnate and go thru all this shit is individuality. You go thru life, it affects you in a bunch of different ways moulding and shaping you into an individual, then you die and go to heaven with the impressions it all left on you. In heaven nothing affects you because everyone is going the same way. Without anything or anyone going against you, there is no reason to change, much less a way to do it.

Remember the promise in Genesis? Lucifer or the inner light is speaking to Eve, which is the collective of all Adams/atoms…the People… “Ye will surely not die, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods knowing good and evil”. The real significance of this is that Gods don’t know evil any more than men know good, so we are talking about god-men (Human), not gods in their present form.

This means that at some point men are supposed to become gods. He’s not talking to Adam, he’s talking to Eve, which means the promise is that ALL men are to become as gods. That is the promise, our inheritance, do what is instructed and we will never die and go to heaven, but rather bring Heaven down to Earth for all Humanity. Never mind that this also means bringing up Hell on Earth, that’s for a different post.

Here’s the problem… mankind fulfills his obligations but Gods want to remain Gods and reneg on the deal, which is easy to do because of the state man is in. Gods are far more powerful than men because men are limited in almost every way and Gods aren’t. It’s pretty much no contest, or so the gods believe. What mankind has, is an ancient arcane technology that is capable of defeating the gods.

A nation divided is a nation conquered. America would appear to be the most divided nation on Earth. As a cultural salad bowl, that makes sense, but underneath all appearances lies E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many… One. This is the hidden unity being produced by employing the arcane or “ark” technology.

All the references to Atlantis have to do with what happened to Atlantis. Nobody wants to recreate something that failed. In Atlantis it was the Gods that failed the People and the Gods paid the price for that failure. It was the People who decreed failure and exacted corrective measures, and the arcane technology is how they did it.

This technology creates something called the Son of Man. The Son of Man is not God, but rather the Son of God. God incarnate with God being all of us or the People operating in unison with singular purpose, to dominate the gods dominating us. This isn’t for revenge or to topple the pantheon of gods, it is to effect a change that takes us out of the ascension/reincarnation cycle and into Holy Resurrection.

Those gods are currently acting as the laws that bind us in this reality, the gates to and from this world that currently allow entry, but no escape… at least not by the way you came in. Once “converted” to Christianity, they become the gates that allow us to go anywhere in the Universe… the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem, Jerusalem meaning “Heaven on Earth. When I say converted I mean they’ve been contacted by a higher power and shown the benefits of and alternatives to cooperative effort.

This only happens when one of us is capable of containing all of us – E Pluribus Unum. To say this requires an open mind is the understatement of the ages. It is the most difficult challenge any soul or group of souls can attempt to undertake. This explains why we’ve had so many failures, eons upon eons of failures to the point where nearly all hope and even the memory of the original promise has been lost. All the terrible failures and losses of the Phoenix Project symbolically mimic this in a microcosmic sense.

It is the gods calling for America to disarm, because America harbors the one and only weapon capable of defeating them. They know this weapon is a person in the USA and are busy trying to find him. What slows them down is incarnation, they can’t really see what’s going on here without incarnating and when they do they’re subject to the same physical laws. They’ve discovered a few exploits and ways of cheating that, which is what the so called elite and all their demonology is about.

Here’s a question… if gods are so powerful, why then do they need men to fight their battles? Because gods can’t destroy anything, they don’t have the power to. To destroy anything they have to incarnate and that means they become mortal themselves, just like any other man. When they incarnate here they agree to a contract of sorts that says they’ll limit their abilities according to a prescribed set of rules that we know as natural laws. Here’s the thing tho, the gods are these laws. A pantheon of 12 gods and we have 12 natural laws to the physical universe, 12 divisions of the Body, 12 tribes, 12 bloodlines, etc.

It would appear that if you are the god governing a law, that you are the only one who can violate it. We kind of see this in life, we make up rules everyone else has to follow, but we get to break our own rules. What these rule violations would look like with a very powerful incarnated entity would be a regular person possessing some kind of superhuman ability to violate physical laws. The more laws your particular law governs, the more control you have over which laws you can violate.

So let’s say we have 12 gods, each governing a division of reality. They each have control over one of the 12 natural laws which say what is and isn’t allowed to happen in this reality. Any lesser gods are subject to them as laws governing their own reality. However, any greater god, as in One God, has dominion over their realities because they exist in his domain or under a single governing law.

It doesn’t work the way probably think it would. There is nobody ordering anyone else around or passing legislative laws. It’s about reality and controlling reality. Put the way I view things, if the spoon I’m bending contains the spoon you’re bending, your spoon bends with mine regardless of what you do. The only recourse anyone has to that is communication and cooperation, because I’m only going to change what I’m up to if I see it benefiting me in some way. There’s no logical reason for me to change the way I’m doing things unless it makes things better for me and mine.

Theoretically then, if I could find some way to contain everything and establish dominion over a pantheon of lesser gods, I could at the very least create a reality or set of conditions that “encourages” communication and cooperation between men and gods, and there would be absolutely nothing anyone could do about it, not even the gods themselves. In fact, it would be doubtful that they would even know it was occurring unless I pointed it out to them… which requires communication and cooperation.