Mental Fishing and Hunting

I used to fish and hunt in the real, physical sense when I was younger and could keep up with it. I had a few hernias and back problems and it got to be more effort than it was worth. The interesting thing was, I didn’t stop doing it, I just stopped doing it externally.

I remember doing it in my head when I was very young, before I could get to the woods or a lake on my bicycle. I was looking for answers, just as I am now and that’s how I got the majority of them. I fish and hunt for information, and it’s just like a real outing with all the same enjoyment, finesse, and nuances, just not near as much effort.


What I do is find a clear spot in my mind. This isn’t the same as clearing it of all thoughts like I understand meditation to be. My thoughts are still there whirling around and past me at breakneck speed, I just find the eye of the hurricane so to speak.

Once there I have a neutral field or space to work in, then I go to work. Any question becomes a negative attractor in this neutral field. What makes it negative is your need to know the answer, the stronger your need to know the better the bait. So the question becomes the bait and all the thoughts in the hurricane whirling around my little neutral work space are the fish. The fish are a positive polarity and they very much want to hook up with the bait. Where my fishing skills come in is using the right bait for the fish I’m after under the right conditions. It is just like real fishing and for me it’s fun and relaxing because I don’t have to do anything but sit there and ponder.

It’s kind of interesting to note that some of the best deep sea fishing to be had anywhere in the world is in the eye of a hurricane. The weather is perfect and the big fish are always biting.


I’m usually less aware of what I’m doing when I’m hunting than when fishing. I think this is because I’m trophy hunting very dangerous game much of the time. Many of my mental hunting trips have a distinctly military nature and feel to them. They can be enjoyable but it’s in a more “barely make it out alive by the seat of your pants” over-stimulation kind of way. I’m often completely exhausted afterward. It’s very much like remote viewing but I think my targeting parameters and protocols are different.

It’s a lot like fishing, except I don’t have to clear a space. I still make what I’m looking for the negative attractor but instead of making myself the question I make myself the answer that’s chasing it. The field is still neutral but it’s not calm, I’m in the melee. I set myself up as the positive “hunter” and use what I “need” to know about the target to locate it. I don’t do anything to identify the target itself because I can’t, it’s more like identifying the purpose for for which I seek it. The target then becomes a negative attractor that identifies itself in a neutral field of non-targets. All I have to do is bag it and bring it home, often times easier said than done.

Not every fishing or hunting trip ends up with a wall-hanger the first time around, many times they end up being mere scouting trips but you ALWAYS learn something about your game.

Anyone can do this, you just have to stop asking other people for answers and start asking yourself. Nobody knows you better than you. Personally, I like to skip the middle man and go right to the source whenever possible.