The Greatest Story Never Told

Is our own, the story of the Human race.

Look at the world and it seems like 7 billion people all running around like headless chickens grubbing for food and when the food runs out or they get too decrepit to grub anymore… they die.

There’s no story there so it can’t possibly be what we’re really up to.

The human race has always been up to something behind all that – the Work.

The Work is the job of Holy Resurrection. When you do what I did you get to see a glimpse of it. Seeing it for even a brief moment will restore every ounce of faith you’ve never had in the Human race, it did for me.

The reason is, you see what’s possible. Not just possible, I mean out of all the possible things you can do with what we have to build a perfect world, we explored and took every possibility to it’s utmost limit, things you’d never even dream were possible. It is the very pinnacle of what is possible out of ALL possibilities, the absolute grandest achievement any race or world can hope to obtain. By that very nature, it has come to be considered impossible by almost every other race in the universe. They have all tried and failed to the point of giving up… all but one – the Human race. We have never given up, we did the math, we know what is possible and we WILL prevail because that is what we do.

What we’re talking about is a world of Gods, living as free men. True brotherhood in a society of individuals, each and every one of whom control the entire world around them. Now you’d think that would be just like this world, only way more fucked up. A bunch of gods running around all trying to bend the entire world to their own will, that’s pretty much total chaos.

Not in the world we’re moving into. Not only do those god like powers NEVER come into conflict, they actually enhance each other in a harmonic way that builds even higher harmonic orders. What that means is a world where things are not just perfect, they’re getting more and more perfect all the time… for everyone… forever.

This is what all the blood, sweat, and tears were for my friends, the time has come to start enjoying the fruits of our labor. It’s time to stop telling History and start telling our own.