Why We Can’t Find the Alternate Universe

Because it’s not out there, it’s in your head.

We live in two worlds, one inside our head and the other outside of our head. Physicists have been looking for these alternate universes, they know mathematically that they occupy the same space as our own universe but can’t find them. They’ve defined them in about as many ways as you can without actually finding or seeing them. The problem is, they’re looking for these alternate universes (which exist inside our heads) in the universe which exists outside our heads.

You can’t find what isn’t there.

Or can you?

We seem to be getting closer to it all the time.

“Seek and Ye shall find”

“Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”

This is one of those things that appears to be normal accepted behavior on the surface, looks absolutely stupid when you look at the back asswards way we’re trying to do it, but then upon further scrutiny from a totally different angle, becomes so elegantly brilliant that it is perfection itself.

In a magical sense, what we’re actually doing is drawing Heaven down to Earth. It is the very act of seeking, a negative drawing force we’re using to bring those alternate universes into this one. I believe this is being greatly amplified using what’s referred to as black sun technology… more on that later in another post.

We all have in our heads our own fantasy worlds where we can do anything we can imagine, be anything we aspire to be. We can all do that without any interference whatsoever, I can be whatever I want in my head and so can you, without conflicting in any way. Those worlds are every bit as real as this one, they’re just not “here” so we can’t share them with each other to prove it.

Making Heaven on Earth is about making those worlds real in this world so we can share our creative work. The trick isn’t in the magic tho, the trick is in bringing all of these individual heavens down to earth without them stomping all over each other.

I’m pretty sure this will all be up to individual effort and choice. You’ll get a glimpse of Heaven, in a moment you will see what is possible both ways – your heaven or our heaven. You’ll see what is possible if you ascend and “go to heaven”, your own personal heaven where everything goes your way and anything “you” can imagine is possible. You’ll also see what is possible if you bring “heaven down to earth” where everything goes “our” way – your way and everyone else’s. Instead of just your own individual imagination, you now have the combined creative power of the entire human collective mind at your disposal.

It is still absolute power over your world, you haven’t given up anything, your perfect world just became a whole lot bigger and more interesting. The only caveat is, Resurrection will require more work on your part, choose Ascension and your work here is done. The caveat to the caveat is, if you choose ascension, you WILL be back to go thru this all over again, and again, and again, forever stuck in the cycles until you do achieve resurrection.

Look at it this way, would you rather have your “perfect” world limited to just your own imagination, or would you like to use everyone’s imagination to create it?

If you choose resurrection it will block your ascension. This is because you’re going to be changing the perfect world you built in your head so it’s not actually going to be there to ascend to. This is a dynamic tuning process where you bring your Heaven “down to Earth”. The good news is, you don’t have to know how to do it, your own “God” will teach you thru the Holy Spirit, also known as the “Third I”, the ghost of the real you, the Christic you, the real purpose of it all.

Many people don’t really think all the huge scientific endeavors we engage in are really necessary, that we could be feeding starving children in third world countries and curing disease with all those trillions of dollars. Yeah, we could, and we could keep feeding and curing them so they could keep suffering in a world that sucks or we can combine and focus our efforts on something that might actually get us all out of this hell hole… once and for all.