Roomful of Clocks

I get to see the world in some pretty amazing ways and one way is like a roomful of clocks. Everyone here has an individual heartbeat, or clock ticking away within them. Take away the “them” and you see a roomful of running clocks all ticking away.

The very odd thing about a roomful of clocks all ticking away with their own beat is that if left alone they will synchronize themselves to a single beat so all the clocks in the room are ticking “in time” with each other. This was proven daily at every old time clock shop.

My first question is… which clock are they all synching to and why? I’m betting it’s the average clock in the room, and that just makes sense because it would be the easiest for them all to naturally synchronize to. I’m also betting that adding or taking away a single clock would cause them to re-sycnhronize to a new average which may or may not be the same clock as before.

We are living “out of time” because something keeps messing with all the clocks in the room preventing them from synchronizing the way they naturally ought to. One thing messing with them is individual free will, we’re all literally trying to maintain our own individual beat. If we didn’t, individuality itself dies with the death of the individual heartbeat.

Now in a room this big it is incredibly difficult as a clock naturally wanting to synchronize with all his clock buddies to maintain an individual beat without falling into time with at least some other clocks. You see this can and does happen as we fall into groups with slightly different timing, 12 of them to be exact. 12 tones, 12 beats, 12 signs, 12 tribes, 12 tribal rhythms, 12 divisions of the Body Whole, 12 houses of the Zodiac, etc. It appears to be natural stratification, just the way it works out with the given set of scalar conditions.

In walking thru this world we spend time with all 12 tribes and generally end up falling into rhythm with one that most closely matches our own. Unless you’re of the 13th tribe and can’t find your natural rhythm among any of the twelve tribes. It’s not that they don’t have any thing to offer, it’s just that if you fall into one you can’t walk freely and independently among all of them. They’re all cool, I just can’t pick one over the other because I’m trying to find and follow the beat of the whole world tribe…


I want the whole damned world, to come dance with me 🙂