Dream a Little Dream

Occasionally I have dreams that are like military delta force missions. They are so real that I’m absolutely sure that something tangible happened on some level, it wasn’t “just a dream”. There are times when I can identify my surroundings in the dream and at the very least verify that it is a real place exactly as I saw it in my dream. What lends even more credence to this is my general demeanor the next day or two after having one of these “dream missions”. I feel that military “edge” within me as some kind of residual effect or bleed over. I don’t like it because it makes me feel really disconnected and distant from the people around me. It’s not like the Vietnam vet at your party who thinks he’s still on a mission or anything that drastic, it’s just harder to connect with people on an emotional level and is definitely associated with these dreams.

Even the term “delta force” refers to the deep delta brainwave state you’re in while “in operation”. Delta Forces are trained at Area 51, also known as “Dreamland”. Delta Forces are elite paramilitary forces designed to infiltrate and establish a beachhead by interdimensional means, both on and off world. Tasks range from ambassadorial missions and special package deliveries to full scale military incursions.

It is extremely difficult to consciously remember anything you’ve experienced in a deep delta state, plus we’re trained to “remember to forget” from early childhood. The reason is to prevent cross contamination of realities. In early testing this cross contamination and reality bleeding would turn subjects into raving lunatics, or worse if you can imagine anything worse than going totally bonkers. Savants are sought out for this due to their naturally inherent shamanic, mediumistic, or other “psychic abilities”. Abilities range the gamut of human imagination and we’re all different in what we believe is possible. If you believe something is possible – it is. Children were used because as adults we have all but lost our natural ability to believe. I’m not talking about what we believe in, but the ABILITY to believe in anything we choose. There was no other way.

I’ve never seriously indulged the whole government mind control “conspiracy” thing for the simple reason that to me it doesn’t matter. Going back to my early childhood there is ample evidence to suggest that I’ve been a subject of this technology since birth, but I don’t feel like a victim because I have used it to great advantage. I remember being physically “abducted” only once when I was about 4 years old, after that it always occurred thru astral projection. It was set up so you were “in training” whenever you got the opportunity to zone out a little. This worked well because the training facilities were outside of conventional time and space so training would be continuous and uninterrupted even tho you were physically bopping in and out at random.

For me this would happen any time I wasn’t engaged enough in the world around me to keep myself out of a trance… in other words A LOT. I remember it happening back in school all the time whenever I had boring teachers. I’d be all zoned out and they’d think I was nodding off so they’d ask me a question in some loud or rude fashion to snap me out of it. It was usually 10-30 seconds of a pretty rough ride back to this reality because I was being “jerked” but I ALWAYS had the correct answer when I came around. I wanted to kill them, but I had their answer.

People used to just scream at me because I wouldn’t initially be able to respond, which usually resulted in an autistic rage. The “ride back” is EXTREMELY hard on your nervous system when you get jerked out of a deep trance. If you do that to me I just want you to know how it feels and being on the receiving end of an autistic meltdown is about as close as it gets. I can’t legally kill you so it’s the next best thing to keep you from doing it to me again. It’s communication, not a temper tantrum. Oddly enough, the all time worst offender was my own mother.

I’m pretty sure my involvement is voluntary at this point and has been for quite some time, because the People behind it are trying to achieve something and I wholeheartedly believe in their endeavor.

Still, even after all that, the bottom line is the same. It doesn’t matter how anything gets in your head, it’s what you do with it that matters. I know what I’m trying to achieve and I tend to use whatever I’m given towards my goal.

With that being said, I’m also aware of the potential damage and harm this type of technology threatens to impose upon humanity. It is people like me (savants) who not only invented the technology, but in many ways ARE that technology. It’s rather ironic that the very technology savants are forced to create is used to track and control their every movement, often pitting them against each other for fear of what they would do if they ever combined forces. It isn’t the general population those currently in power are worried about… it’s what they’ve created in us and losing control over it.

There are thousands of savants in the U.S. alone that are capable of things that are completely off the scale of believability. Abilities that if you saw them in action would astound and amaze you, but at the same time you’d be like “that’s messed up man!” because your mind turns pretty quickly to trying to comprehend something it’s never dealt with. It’s messed up because it doesn’t seem like it should be possible for one, and because anyone on the receiving end can’t even comprehend what is happening to them, and in fact sometimes don’t even realize it is happening. I’m speaking here of a specific set of abilities related to the Ark technology and self generated warp fields.

A recent dream mission I had is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. We were trying to infiltrate a particular building that was some kind of command and control center. We were attempting to penetrate their defenses thru interdimensional means and they were prepared for this type of assault in their security measures. Many of my missions in the past were sabotage missions where I would enter a place thru astral projection and be able to do something that would cause a particular part or system to fail AFTER it had passed all the required testing to make sure it wouldn’t. Something like a poltergeist with military training.

The problem with that was, there were some people that could see you even tho you weren’t in the physical plane. Since they figured it out, high risk facilities have had security measures in place to detect and in some cases even trap you. Trapping someone with unknown abilities can quickly become WAY more than you bargained for, so usually it’s just preventative measures in the form of harmonic shielding.

Until a few days ago this shielding was surprisingly effective, it was generally assumed to be a foolproof security measure. Rule of thumb… don’t ever assume your security system is foolproof or defenses impenetrable.

There were other military personnel (United States Heir Force) waiting in the wings but they weren’t part of the penetration attempt, that was all me. I took up various positions outside the defensive perimeter and began “walking up and down the scales” assessing overall field harmonics and doing a kind of triangulated spectral analysis. I remember I had to do this many times making adjustments on the fly trying to find a keynote to disrupt the field yet make it appear as if it were still intact. They were modulating the shield harmonics in a rotating pattern so I had to match it before I could start changing things around. This is all done with my mind using my own trinity, no physical instruments or tools required. After nearly 3 hours of “tuning” we were able to enter the facility thru interdimensional means.

Once inside I noticed many other people, some in uniform and some not, some with us and some employed there. There was a particular floor that had the most activity and we went directly there. I started walking thru the area, again assessing field harmonics. I walked to the far end of the space and started walking back, using the rhythm of my own footsteps to begin the interference pattern. As I neared the middle of the space my breathing started to change, becoming this intricate musical pattern that I couldn’t consciously repeat if I tried. I call it “breathing in song” because it’s like a song, only I’m breathing it not singing it.

That’s when EVERYTHING started to change. People looked right at me and could most definitely see me, but they acted as if I was supposed to be there. They clearly acknowledged me, but in no way noticed that their entire facility was under psychic manipulation, in fact they were doing things to help us out as if we were guests or coworkers. My own team didn’t even realize it at first, they were all enveloped within a psycho-acoustic warp field bubble containing an artificial reality that was very close to the reality they were used to, but with a few subtle changes. Yup, that is REALLY messed up.

It is my understanding that we did this at every facility containing or controlling anything related to this mind control network that is being used to contain not only us, but the population at large. I can believe this because it only took one of me to penetrate and lock down their entire central command center, the others there on our side were there to assist in case anything went wrong and observe a demonstration of new metatech. I walked right past Adolph Hitler who seemed to be there as a guest observer. It was odd because even in the dream it threw me for a second, but we just exchanged glances as I went about my task. In that glance I was able to read him and I detected nothing demonic or evil, no guile – just a keen interest in what was going on. The main impressions I came away with were that his demeanor was almost child like, his gaze was that of a little boy who just opened his ultimate birthday gift. He also looked a bit plump and seemed to be jovially embarrassed when I noticed it, like he hadn’t in a while.

It’s kind of hard to explain what we actually did. Nobody was killed, harmed, or even got a scratch clamoring for an exit. They are coming and going to work just as they always have, it’s just not in the reality they think it’s in. What we are doing is “warping” their reality so that they think it is perfectly normal for them to follow our agenda instead of their own. Because it is a compartmentalized area of the mind operating completely independently, we could theoretically keep up this little charade forever. We won’t have to, because once they experience the benefits of what they’re doing, a very “real” will to do it naturally follows.

What this is designed to accomplish is to put the control and authority of this technology back into the hands of the People. There’s a little problem with that tho, the people are unfamiliar with it and don’t understand or know how to use it properly. We don’t want to eliminate this technology because it can be used to heal as well as harm. The technology and personnel are already in place, we are just going to gently but adamantly start guiding them into using it for the benefit of Humanity.

We also WANT the public to be able to know who and where we are and what we’re up to on their (our) behalf. We have been “militarized” from childhood, an unfortunate but necessary consequence of the biggest revolution in human history. Realistically all we can do is use whatever abilities we possess in an all out effort to set things right. It’s all any of us can do at this point and it’s going to take all of us to do it, even those who were our former masters.

In spite of all the efforts to control us and pit us against each other, thousands of the world’s most gifted savants have joined together in the cause of Humanity. You can pretty much count on us because for the first time ever our employer doesn’t suck. We’re working for Humanity now, as far as factional warfare is concerned, it’s all but over because there is no fraction of the whole that is capable of opposing the whole. We’re also bright enough to know we’re now on the side that wins. It was always supposed to be this way, and to be perfectly honest if the People didn’t have an elite force of their own, the people would get smoked in the blink of an eye before they even knew what hit them.

I know in movies we’re always trying to beat some super advanced forces with our crappy human technology but the real truth is we have all forms of technology available to us and we’ve learned how to use it. Our shit rocks, looks ultra cool, and is beyond badass. The fighting force the People have raised is more than capable of defending Humanity against any and all hostile forces, both foreign and domestic. The very real fact is… you could be one of them and not even know it.

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. I don’t know what constitutes evidence for anyone else, but here’s what I’m being told to look for:

All forms of media and communications will very quickly change in content from things that are meant to confuse and conceal to things that are meant to clarify and reveal. The intent is to help you take back control over your own reality. These changes began immediately upon takeover and should intensify at a rate to where you absolutely know something big is changing in a very profound way. It will be obvious that there is a new force behind all media and communications networks. We are going to do this at as fast a rate as is humanly possible without spinning your head completely off your shoulders. We want everything we have done to be completely understood and to do that we need to get people up to snuff on what has been going on behind the scenes as quickly as we can.

What we don’t want, is an opportunity for those currently in power to pit highly trained savants against so called ordinary people out of fear. We ARE ordinary people, in the same fucked up situation everyone else is. It is CRITICALLY important to realize that each and every individual here has the same inherent abilities and only needs to learn how to use them… knowledge we fully intend to share openly because we believe in the “right to bear arms” for every citizen. Real arms, that will never leave you unprotected or in fear ever again. We believe we have taken a proper course of action to alleviate as many potential revolutionary pains as possible… for everyone. We’re not claiming it’s perfect, but it’s the best we could do under the circumstances. Remember, we are ALL in this together and it’s going to take all of us to pull it off.

I like to dream, yes, yes
Right between the sound machine
On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
Any place it goes is right
Goes far, flies near
To the stars, away from here

Well you don’t know
What we can find
Why don’t you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride

Well you don’t know
What we can see
Why don’t you tell your dreams to me
Fantasy will set you free

Close your eyes now
Look inside now
Let the sound
Take you away…