Iron, Lion, Zion

Iron is the most stable atomic matrix there is. If you’re going to build something solid and enduring you want to do it on a foundation of Iron, during the Iron Age. The most perfectly solid and enduring structure there is… the Great Pyramid

If you want your Pyramid to be the Greatest of All, you need the Lion of Judah as your head corner stone. We covered that one 🙂

Zion is the mythical past and future homeland of the 13th Tribe, the Tribe of Judah, it is the Land of our Inheritance. It’s also what Homeland Security is really all about. What Homeland Security is attempting to “secure” is what’s in our Heart. Things are rarely what they appear to be in this world. Trust me, what we have in our heart is the most valuable resource in the Universe… and it’s worth whatever we need to do to protect it.