People Never Change

It’s true, people never do change – only persons do. Persons are the acts or objects, people are the actors or subjects. One people… many persons.

We are, have always been, and always will be the one universal constant. Worlds can coerce us, beat us, rob us, rape us and even kill us a thousand times over and it will never change who we really are, only define us.

We are defined by what we stand for in the world. When this world coerces you with social norms can you stand against them? When it beats you down will you get back up again to stand for what you believe in? When it robs you of everything you hold dear, will you still stand for what you hold dear? When it rapes you of all innocence will you yet stand for the innocent? When it kills you a thousand times over will you stand for what you believe in time and time again?

We will… because people never change 🙂