The Purpose of Mystory – Personal Myth

In doing all this each post is targeting multiple audiences on multiple levels. Each post has a distinct purpose and expected effect depending on the individual reader’s position and understanding. The posts are designed to convey different information to each individual that reads them, based on how deeply they’re able to see into things. How you read (or read into) each post depends on your current position in the progression toward resurrection. Like myth, they are designed to both conceal and reveal the Knowledge of Self.

In reality, I’m trying to establish communication between the various principles, powers and agencies within my Self thru myth and symbolic correspondences. One of the things we’ve done here is “personified” every individual function within our Self. On the world stage, we are each “acting out” one of those individual functions, but each of us also “contains” all of those functions within our whole self. What is about happen on the world stage is the ‘Greatest Show on Earth”. The show is written, directed, produced, and performed by all of Humanity for the sole purpose of teaching you about your Self and all the wonders contained therein.

On a personal level, my old world used my own personal mythos (world view in story form) to conceal knowledge of my true Self for my own benefit. It is no longer to my benefit to keep it concealed so I’m using the same mythos in reverse to reveal knowledge of my true self which in turn brings about my new world. “Know thy Self” – possibly the most famous quote in all mythology and for good reason, it pretty much sums up what ALL mythology is about.

Another way of putting it… personal myth is the story the subconscious mind tells our conscious mind about what our unconscious mind is up to. When that knowledge is destructive it is kept hidden. When it is constructive it is revealed, but ONLY as constructive uses become available. You can’t just start telling a completely new story, your conscious mind would have no frame of reference to comprehend it. You have to use the story you’re already familiar with and reverse engineer it in a way that keeps the story moving forward and not backward.

You can never use truth to reveal the truth when the truth isn’t known. You cannot use what is hidden to reveal what is hidden if you can’t see it. You need to use myth, a familiar story made up of lies, but lies that contain and lead to the truth.