Ever tried to understand understanding?

I have, and I’ve come up with a theory based on my observations. For most individuals it doesn’t bear happy news in the way of personally understanding the whole, but I believe this will be remedied when we open the Human Heart.

The first thing I notice is that understanding seems to be based on a capacity for it, I just call it mental capacity because that’s what it is. Our conscious minds deal with information in discreet packets which we experience as individual thoughts in our minds and see as the people around us in an external sense. Your mind needs to be able to hold and organize all these.

Each bit of information requires a place to keep it in, like memory in a computer. Each individual thought in your head requires a space to put it in in order to contain it, just like people need houses to live in. As a host this also represents how many “souls” you are able to contain within your world.

Now here comes the suck part, and pretty much the cause of all suffering in the physical world. In order to achieve conscious understanding you need to contain information, in order to achieve total understanding you need to contain all of it. The way we contain lots of separate bits of information is by creating divisions within our self. These divisions contain the individual thoughts of your mental body, represented by individual cells within your physical body.

The way we create and place these divisions is thru opposition and conflict. Every time you oppose something, you’re essentially saying “that’s not me” and creating another division within yourself. How much you oppose it and the angle you’re taking when you oppose it is what decides where it is placed in your mental pattern. The angle you’re taking is based on your personal ideology, how strongly you feel about something and your actions in support of those feelings.

“Mikey likes it and he hates everything!”

I’m Mikey, and I do hate everything, except for the understanding I’ve gained from it.

In that understanding I’ve noticed something else, that the Zodiac is a two dimensional representation of the way I organize my own thoughts. I can see my own wheels turning and I can see how individual thoughts are “born” into my conscious mind at a specific point in time for a unique purpose just like people are born into this world under different zodiacal signs to fulfill a destiny in their sojourn thru this world.

I’m pretty sure the Zodiac represents a mental pattern that comes about as a natural result of attempting to achieve a complete understanding of what we’re all doing here. It’s much more than an elaborate mental filing system, I think it’s a way to bring a universe of dead worlds back to life.

My point is there’s a choice and a cost. The cost of understanding is conflict and suffering, the cost of avoiding conflict and suffering is understanding. If life here seems like a test to see how much we can bear, it’s because it is, but the choice is ours.