Here’s an example of the absolute genius behind our headless chicken act.

If my theories are correct we’ve generated and are somehow harboring an incredible amount of creative energy. Pure, concentrated, unadulterated power and enough of it to bring the entire universe around us to Life.

So where the hell is all this power? Again, if my theories are correct we should be just crackling with a living power that wants to express itself with terminal intensity. Fire ought to be flying from our fingertips as we bring entire worlds and civilizations to life around us.

I can feel it coursing thru me, like pent up wild mustangs wanting to run free. In some of my trance states I am just seething with power, I can feel it almost breaking the surface at times. I can feel it because it is a living power, it knows, it feels, it loves, it hates… because it’s us.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Heart is gating this electrical power into capacitance, which just sort of came to me out of the blue but then I had to scratch my head. How the hell are we achieving this without anyone knowing about it? How does it work and where is it actually being gated to?

It’s the most clever thing you could ever imagine 🙂

We’re doing it with the “blame game”. It’s ingenious really, it’s all being continually redirected around in circles thru a network of guess what? Yup, us… people, thru our hearts.

The energy is generated thru what we see as conflict and suffering. The energy is then directed via emotions in random directions throughout the human network. It doesn’t “look” like a circle, but it is in constant circulation so it IS a circle. This is what’s happening when we blame each other for all the conflict and suffering. We don’t typically think of it as directed energy, but that’s what we’re doing when we mentally draw a bead on someone with our blame beams.

We’re ALL doing this in seemingly random directions and intervals and I think that’s to randomize the pattern for security reasons. To “hack into the grid” you would have to detect the acoustic pattern and establish a dynamic lock to keep up with it. The “key” is your mental capacitance would have to somehow match that of the collective so you could mimic the entire pattern in a virtual sandbox. E Pluribus Unum and the Ark technology.

I’ve been blaming the blame game for the preservation of our woes, and it very much is from the perspective of us wanting to cure those woes, but there may be a lot more going on here. It could very well be that our instinctive insistence on continuing to play the blame game when we consciously “know better” is preserving Life itself in a way we never even realized.