I like to at least try look at things from all angles. One angle that has to be considered is the Solomon angle. Solomon as in “Solo-Man”, the possibility that you are the only one here… or anywhere for that matter.

Consider the possibility that everyone and everything you encounter is a fractalized permutation of YOU. Every conversation you have is with yourself, every question asked and every answer given is by you.

Consider that the God you pray to and the Devil that haunts you, are both you. The angels that persuade and dissuade you on your path are also you, they’re the “angles” you are using to steer yourself down a treacherous road on a dark and stormy night.

Consider that your family, friends, and anyone you meet are all lenses you use to see yourself thru different filters. You can’t see yourself unless you have a way to look, and this is a way to look.

Consider that literally everything in your world is but a navigational aid to get you from where you’ve been to where you want to be.

Yes, this angle tells you that there is nobody coming to save you. However disturbing that may be, it also says that you can and absolutely do have the wherewithal within you to save yourself… IF you consider yourself worth saving.