Occupation and Preoccupation

Your occupation is what you love to do, what your mind absolutely LOVES to be occupied with. It is what your mind can creatively engage in forever without ever getting tired of it.

What we’re doing here is preoccupation. It is what our minds are forced to be occupied with so that we can learn and perform our real occupation.

It is also this preoccupation of the mind that keeps us from realizing what we’re actually up to. We never quit performing our real occupations, they are eternal and cannot be “not performed”. When we move from host to host or world to world, the only thing that changes is how we perform our occupation.

In other words, you are you, you are always you and have always been you doing what you love to do, the only thing that changes is the setting you’re doing it in. Preoccupation is getting accustomed to a new setting so you can engage in your real occupation, while still performing your function in the old setting.

We spend our lives performing rituals based on cycles and regular intervals. We can see ourselves doing it everyday but rarely question what it is we’re doing and why we’re doing it because it gets explained away as something else. These rituals are us exercising our inalienable right to control the entire world around us. The power and reach of our ritual magic permeates every known world in the universe and beyond, and that is absolutely no bullshit, yet we are completely oblivious to it.

All that is about to change very soon as our preoccupation turns into occupation. What I see coming for Humanity is each and every individual possessing the power to control the entire universe we all live in. You will be able to make the entire world whatever your heart desires, we will all be able to do that, and in a shared universe without stepping on anyone else’s toes.

This is possible because each individual is doing exactly what they want to do at all times. Each individual has full free will control over whatever they are doing, but nobody is consciously doing everything all the time, we are all focusing on what we love to do. We’ve ensured this by spending over 300 trillion years picking rocks to make sure every stone is an absolute perfect fit for where it not only is supposed to go, but wants to go.

You WILL have power over the entire universe and all it contains, but since we’re only inclined to influence what we’re passionate about, we will be happily limiting our unlimited power by confining it to what what we love to do. None of us are going to feel limited in any way, but the limitations we do impose upon our individual selves exponentially increases the value and potential of “unlimited”.

Imagine what a prison that would be, an entire universe of individuals all exercising their own free will doing whatever they want whenever they want and still performing an occupation as a vital function of the whole community. Work and play at the same time, moreover, you’ll be able to work anywhere in the universe from home or where the action is at.

This is the stated goal of the masonic new world order, to return the Earth to it’s former and natural state as the thriving metropolis of the universe, home of the masters of that universe which is their eternal playground. We are and always have been the Immortal Priest Kings of Ta Meri, playing around having fun and showing the rest of the universe how it ought to be done.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about the new world, it’s only because you’re still too preoccupied to see it yet.