Bob Marley and the CIA

I’m a huge old reggae fan, the original trenchtown guys and movement that started with Bob Marley and that small group of people in Jamaica that apparently hit on something big. They knew about what was really going on here somehow, it’s not like they totally figured it out, but Bob did figure out something so huge the CIA had to do something about it.

There are a lot of urban legends surrounding all this but here’s my take:

I think Bob Marley and some of the others were natural mystics. In other words they had the natural abilities, but never had any official training on how to use them. I think what trained them is the conditions they were living under in trenchtown. Bob was a friend/student of a supposed Rastafarian elder who might have coached him on some things, but it’s hard to say for sure. Marley was clearly the one with the most natural ability, he seemed to be able to look into things much deeper than the others. I don’t think anyone told him the secret, I think he more or less stumbled upon it in a trance.

I’m not just going to come out and tell you that secret, because he already did. The song “Get up – Stand Up” slaps you right in the fucking forehead with it. I think the CIA first tried to reason with him and probably explained why the secret should never be revealed but Bob had a different opinion, he thought it was the people’s right to know.

The CIA had no cause to kill him. After being unsuccessful at negotiating with him, they would have just flooded the message with disinformation so nobody would figure out what he was actually trying to tell them. It worked, he told everyone the biggest secret in the world right over the radio and NOBODY got it, at least nobody I ever knew. I’m sure the CIA had figured out by that point that no secret stays secret forever and that killing the messengers wasn’t going to kill the message.

I think the “war” between the CIA and Bob was one of Bob continuing to try to get the message out and the CIA confusing it with disinformation every time he did. What this actually ended up doing was delivering the message to the people that were supposed to get it, and completely missing the ones that weren’t.

I think what Bob noticed is that we all live in separate worlds. Your world is in your head, completely independent of everyone else’s world in their head. These worlds are all different and independent of one another, so how is it we seem to live in a common world? If your world is in somebody’s head (yours) then doing the math, this common world must also be… ?

If you did figure that out, then you’ll also figure out why it was and HAD to be kept secret. Is it time for the world to know? I’m with Bob in that I believe the people should know, it is their right by ownership. I’m also well aware of what a delicate situation it is and the consequences of revealing knowledge to a mass of people who have been deliberately kept ignorant and emotionally overstimulated. The proposition is scary either way, the whole thing could go horribly wrong or wonderfully right.