Fruitless Effort

It’s one of the great fears of mankind both individually and as a collective… that all our stupendous efforts will be for nothing as we collapse in total annihilative failure.

It cannot and will not happen… ever, it’s against natural law. What I’m beginning to see is that all our fears violate natural law, the bigger the fear the bigger the violation.

It’s true not every tree bears fruit, but if it doesn’t it’s because it’s bearing the brunt of ecosystem imbalance instead. When we deliberately cause imbalances in the system individual parts of the system become over stressed trying to bring the system back into balance. Under these conditions they don’t bear fruit because all of their efforts are being used to help re-balance the ecosystem.

In the Garden of Eden we don’t kill individual trees because they don’t bear fruit, we balance the system so every tree bears fruit in its own way and in its own time. We’re trying to get back to the garden but what we’re left with is a treeless parking lot, not the splendid garden of our dreams. This is the heartless system eliminating individuality in an attempt to save itself, but what it’s eliminating IS itself, one individual at a time. The reason it’s heartless is because our heart is no longer in the old system. Our heart has become “Set” on the new system.

So where are these individuals going when they’re eliminated? Heaven?

I’m beginning to see effort as the transmutation and translocation of matter and energy. If we want to change a world we have to move things (matter) around in time and space which requires effort (energy expended). The easiest way to move things, especially massive stellar bodies between universes is thru matter/energy conversion. This can be accomplished because energy has both local and non local properties.

Think of fish in an ocean. The ocean is pure unpolarized electromagnetism while the fish are the very same thing polarized into electricity and magnetism. The ocean is non local, it exists every where and every when, the fish are local because they have a position in time and space within the ocean. The energy contained within them is local by way of individual polarization via encasement in magnetic fields effectively separating them from the ocean without taking them out of it. A fish out of water either dies or turns amphibious in a hurry.

This means the ocean and the fish are essentially the same thing existing in either a polarized or unpolarized state. The easiest way to get a fish from point A to point B in the ocean would be to depolarize it moving it into non locality and then “re-locate” it in a new position and place or time/space intersection. This would involve mapping the entire system and aligning it to a grid, which we’ve done. This is the Ancient Stargate system and the technology behind transporters in Star Trek.

This is where another fear comes into play… eloquently portrayed as an initial fear of transporter technology, the fear the universe will fail to reassemble you, or fail to reassemble you properly. This IS the fear of death. When we die, or a tree dies in the garden, it gets converted to energy. At this point it’s up to us, what we have accomplished and what we wish to accomplish that governs how we reappear somewhere else in the universe.

Or in our case… a different universe altogether. Matter energy conversion of the whole Garden of Eden, the transmutation and translocation of an entire universe using the Earth itself as a supermassive black hole powered stargate. It’s the reason the ocean has fish in it… the reason the universe contains stellar bodies. The ocean is the home to all life within it, but the ocean itself has no home until it inhabits the life within itself. It does this thru the creation of individual souls, by focusing itself on a single intersection point in time and space within itself which causes it to polarize and move into objective existence with a location in time and space.

We’re all tending our own gardens. I think it’s probably natural to yank a few barren trees or anything else that doesn’t do well or please us in our gardens, but eventually we want a garden that contains the whole tree of life. All trees in one tree, all individuals in one body, all blooming flowers and bearing fruit of every kind, to attract life of all kinds because that’s what a garden is for… turning our efforts into something we truly enjoy. More than that, truly enjoying our efforts because their fruit is born in the same time and space.

All things in the Garden of Eden live according to natural law, the only thing that ever dies in it is our fears. Fears such as the fear of death, the fear of failure, the fear of getting left behind, are all pretty big fears. They are all pervasive in the collective consciousness, making it a herculean effort to face them on an individual level. Case in point… we all want to know what happens after we die. This fear is based on not knowing or understanding what happens when we die.

The easiest way to find out would be to die, but we won’t go there because of our fear of it. This fear is so great that it literally and aggressively trumps our desire to even investigate life’s greatest question. Yet, such an investigation would most certainly alleviate the very fear that keeps us from asking. Sure, we talk about it and speculate, but if anyone in the conversation should breathe a word about how to really solve the dilemna, a swine herd stoning party quickly forms.

If we did properly investigate, we’d know and understand what happens and realize that every death is a birth… a moving out of something old into something new. Whether the new you is the old you renewed or a completely new you is totally up to you and what you want to do with yourself. Within our own trinity we are the ocean, we are one fish and all fish and we are the hand of mojo moving all of it in, around, and thru time and space.

A good gardener works from the heart with faith as his guide and patience as his discipline, in the eternal hope of what will surely come to pass. A good gardener also understands that to rid the whole world of fear we need a whole garden, with a position and place for everything in life where it can bear its own fruit in its own time and where those fruits are enjoyed by all in our own way.

We ARE the masters of our own destiny, and it is thru our own monumental human effort we have become so… THAT is the fruit of our labor 🙂