The Santa Clause

It’s the Devil’s Bargain and we’re all caught up in it. We enter this world under contract with Santa. Do everything He says and at the End of Days he delivers the Christ Mass Presence. This is the end of our daze as ignorant man because with Christ Mass Presence comes the end of confusion.

So was there ever a historical Santa?

It’s the same question we ask about Jesus but somehow it puts it into proper comical perspective when we ask the same question about Santa, who mythically speaking would be the non existent Father of the non existent Son… Satan.

Once God or the Father bears his Son, he becomes the setting sun and his boy becomes the rising sun. In Egyptian myth this would be represented by Osiris, Set, and Horus. Set refers to the setting Son, Satan refers to a retiring God. Same difference.

Santa is always represented (at least up until our present age of incorrect political correctness) by an old white guy with a beard. In almost all cultural myth including that of Native American tribes, God was represented by an old white guy with a beard. Santa is immortal, there is never mention of him being born or dying, he’s just this old white dude with a beard that shows up once a year without fail… forever.

His promise is to deliver the Christ Mass Presence to all according to his personal records of who’s been naughty and/or nice, which appears to be up to his own personal judgement on who has fulfilled some agreed upon list of obligations, terms, and conditions to be met to receive said promise. In other words, it’s according to a spiritual contract or covenant between a God or Host and his People.

He circumscribes the world in a single night in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, beginning and ending at the North Pole. It’s the polar circumference because just flying around and around yourself accomplishes nothing, the objective is to cover the entire scale of creation from one end of the spectrum to the other. It’s also suggesting that what we’re supposed to be doing here can be done in a single incarnation, and in fact must be. Hundreds of incarnations only gives us practice at ascension and reincarnation, it is not cumulative experience toward resurrection. Resurrection requires that we “re-member” and we cannot when dismembered by incarnation.

I think it’s also important to note here that the sleigh is drawn, not pushed. This is indicative of a bunch of things going on in the world right now. The stags can’t be pushed by the driver anymore, they have to be drawn by a light capable of guiding them thru the storm of confusion. The driver doesn’t even know where to go, he only knows his charts and what his obscured senses tell him. It’s a bit scary but we need to let our heart lead us, because our brains have been scrambled into uncharted territory and simply don’t know what course to take to get home. Home is where the heart is, only the heart knows the Way.

It’s a northern mythos because it’s seasonally based and we’re currently in the cold dead of winter or Iron Age… collectively speaking. He delivers the presents to all individuals in their own home entering thru an open hearth and placing them near to the hearth. He delivers the Presence to ALL individuals, thru the Heart, according to the measure of what’s in each man’s heart. What is in each man’s heart is what he himself has placed there according and in direct proportion to the amount of effort he is willing to put into it.

Work is effort, if it didn’t cost you dearly it wasn’t Work. Work is sacrifice and what is sacrificed here is play time. Remember, we’re cosmic children at heart who love to play, work is a most unnatural concept to us and something we have to force upon ourselves thru unnatural ways and means.

The stags represent the wild, untamed individuals with no wife, family, or tribe to “domesticate” them. Those pure of heart are represented by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph is essentially the Son, the Heart of Him which when pure gives him the instinct and intuitive guidance to deliver the Presence thru the blizzard of confusion on the Eve of the Christ Mass. His brain and senses can do him no good, they are confused, he has to rely on pure instinct and what is in his heart to do. Our sense of smell is analogous to instinct, represented by his nose, it’s red because red is the color of a bleeding heart.

This instinct depends on what the Son(s) of God are able to accomplish on his behalf. In order to resurrect himself, at least one (and there can only be one) of his sons has to do what he did to become a God or Universal Host. He has to contain All within Individual Self, meaning what his Father contains, plus one… himself. The Son must do one better than his Father to become a new universal being, the Student must best his Master, who is unequivocally and unarguably the very best there’s ever been in the history of Humanity.

You will never, ever, EVER do this without the help of the One who did it before you. The very reason any God would let a Son cause his own Fall is because he lives on by the very nature of what the Son has to do to defeat him. The only way the student becomes the master is with the master’s teaching and guidance and his own undying determination in his quest for mastery. The only way for a retiring god to be reborn is thru the Son being better than he was. A more perfect Union.

In the beginning Rudolph has a pretty tough go of it, his heart is so pure that his nose glows in the dark. This upsets the other stags because he’s different, not just different but different in a way nobody really understands, except Santa. He’s not very good at reindeer games because he’s ill equipped to compete with the other reindeer. He’s younger, smaller, a bit frail and is as confused as the other reindeer as to why he’s so “different”. He’s a dork with no readily apparent purpose within his own tribe, so his own tribe rejects him.

As a reject, he learns to play his own games within himself. His game is to find his tribe, whether that’s the one that rejected him or a new one doesn’t really matter. Nothing goes well, everything seems to be a stumbling block confusing him more and more as time goes on. This is because he’s listening to his inner voice instead of the other reindeer, who only jeer and sneer half the time and the other half talk about reindeer games which he isn’t allowed to play. His nose keeps getting brighter and brighter embarrassing him everywhere he goes so he tries to cover it up and look like a normal stag but it doesn’t work. What he doesn’t know is that he’s going thru what it takes to produce humility, to build character, to learn how to feel what he knows and know what he feels… Heart

Along comes Santa, who is about to miss his deliveries and thus break a promise because there’s a storm brewing that even he with all his his mighty knowledge and navigational skills can’t negotiate safely. He needs instinct and Rudolph has it because he’s pure heart, pure ‘cannot ever fail if you let it guide you’ instinct. Santa puts Rudolph “before” or out in front of his best stags to lead the Way to delivering the Christ Mass Presence and the Day is saved.

Everyone gets their Presence, but Rudolph gets the grand prize when he is reunited with his own tribe, a tribe that accepts everyone based on what is in their heart. A universal tribe that supports individual uniqueness instead of exploiting individual weakness.

I Live for the Day… Merry Christ Mass to All 🙂