Pole Shift

Edgar Cayce predicted a pole shift beginning in 1998. Many people think that this was one of his predictions that never came true.

It happened just like he said, but most of the world may not have noticed. He said there would be a change in the magnetic poles of the Earth, and that this change would be gradual (meaning it may not be immediately recognized). This is commonly interpreted as a physical flipping of the earth’s magnetic poles, but that’s not the only way to interpret it.

The pole shift IS magnetic, but it’s a shift from a dipolar to a unipolar magnetic field. If this were to be physically represented, it would be a shift from having a north and south pole to having a single pole in the center of the earth. It isn’t the physical change that’s important however, the actual shift is a change in the magnetic polarity of your consciousness from dipolar to unipolar.

Our minds are constantly attracted and repelled by two opposite poles – good/bad, love/hate, black/white… you get it, duality. The pole shift gradually shifts your thinking to where you don’t have to choose between A and B all the time, you can choose both as one. Like the song says, “we have freedom of choice, what we want is freedom FROM choice”.

Don’t see any evidence of it?

Look around you anywhere and everywhere, the world we live in is now changing at a rate we can barely keep up with. We are literally swimming in the evidence.

Edgar Cayce’s prediction was right on, timing wise and with everything he said about it. I just thought someone ought to set the record straight.