Mystery of Mystory

I have a severely handicapped understanding of music and how it works, so I started trying to remedy that with good ol’ YouTube. It ended up being like sitting down to a 5 course meal in music, astrology, psychology, etymology, and mythology… but it was good, because I’m seeing some connections there.

Here’s what I got so far…
We see the world in images, hear the world in sound, and feel the world thru sympathetic vibrations which we call emotions. I can easily see fractals when they’re represented visually, and when I saw music represented visually, I saw fractals. We perceive that as seeing one thing and hearing another, and yet another thing, the feeling we get from it. These all have to be the same thing, when we look, we’re seeing it, when we listen we’re hearing it, and when we feel, we’re feeling it, but “it” is always the same thing perceived in different ways.

“It” is Life, but we only see ever see parts of it because that’s what we’re focusing on – or maybe because only part of our self is focused on it?

So, 12 notes on the western scale all evenly spaced in chromatic mode with seven whole notes effectively controlling the scale and five semi tones. The current zodiac model is set up the same way, 12 equal divisions with 7 at or above the horizon and 5 below. It wasn’t always that way, the zodiacal model appears to be synched with whatever musical scale and mode man seems to be using at the time. Each division in both music and the zodiac has a notation or sign.

I’m betting that’s because those zodiacal signs represent (not are, but represent, the actual images in use probably change with the times) the archetypal images of Freud and Jung, the images we mentally use to tell every story that’s ever been told. So maybe the 12 animal signs of the zodiac represent our nature(s) under various conditions?

Pretty much all mythology, hell, pretty much all stories that can be told are based on the zodiac, or musical progression. Even our language and alphabets seem to be related to music and the perceptual range of our conscious mind being about 3 1/2 octaves. I’m betting that’s also the vocal range of a well tuned human voice. This all fits in with our current spoken languages not being able to adequately describe what is going on around us. It also explains how we can be consciously unaware of most of what’s happening around us. Our conscious lives are contained within the language we use, the life we don’t consciously see is literally because we don’t speak of it.

It somehow all ties together, and I believe we’re seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling the story we’re telling ourselves about what’s going on here. There are actually two stories, the one we’re all telling and the one you’re telling. They each have a pattern, if you overlay them and the patterns match, that’s harmonic correspondence and what a REAL priest actually does. He “represents” his People or the mass of individuals within his group by overlaying his own personal pattern over the pattern of the group and getting them to correspond. Not an exact match, but exactly corresponding to each other. They match, but on different orders of magnitude, like the same notes on different octaves. This is very much like tuning an instrument only the instrument is you tuning in to the life around and within you.

I’m speaking from my own personal perspective and experience here, I know that my subconscious mind can see everything as music, can see everything as energy fields and flows, can see everything as cycles, can see everything as a single pattern, etc, but my conscious mind isn’t capable of seeing things in those ways. In short, it’s all too complicated for me to keep a handle on in my conscious mind, I need something I can manage.

For me that’s a story, and for the average person who’s not boy genius, it’s a story. We’re in a state of maximum division with all things being a division of one. So 2 makes 1/2, when you divide one thing into two things those two things are only half as strong or twice as weak. The more divisions the larger the group, and the weaker the individual parts and the cohesion between them. This only changes when the individuals of the group all come together as a whole for a single cause.

In short, we’re about as divided as we can get right now, so we need all the help we can muster. I’m not sure I could control the forces around me if I could see them for whatever they are, but I can control the story I’m telling and in so doing I AM controlling all of that stuff, only without even being aware that’s what I’m doing. This is American life as we know it, what we don’t realize is that literally everything we’re doing is a gesture in ritual magic that is controlling our reality.

This is how we can be controlling our own realities without any conscious knowledge of it whatsoever. We are all practicing magic of the very highest order, but all we see is the ritual gestures, only we don’t see them AS ritual gestures. Every little thing we do is magic, we’re just too ignorant to notice. Damn good thing it is too, because it is the premature acquisition of that knowledge that has doomed us in almost every previous attempt at resurrection.

Here’s the thing, I know it’s coming, I can see it all brewing within me and believe me, nobody wants it to happen more than I do. I also know that if it happens before I conquer my fears, or while I’m still playing any part of the blame game, or while I’m emotionally unprepared for the massive amounts of new energies and knowledge, I just screwed myself out of everything I’ve ever worked for, everything we’ve worked for. We’ve worked too hard and come too far to let that happen and every lesson I’ve ever learned is telling me the same thing…

Patience gwasshoppa… it’s coming.