Quite Fucking Remarkable

I’m not exactly sure what state of consciousness I’m in atm, I think it’s the borderland. I’m not quite dreaming but I can turn that way with a look and a breath and I’m not quite awake but I could just as easily go that way with a look and a breath. It’s also kind of a bitch to focus on all that and this, typing is difficult. I mean the physical coordination part, every other key I hit is the wrong key so I have to keep correcting.

If I were awake I’d be posting that the Enterprise Omega was testing her hyperdrive system. The Enterprise Omega is the end of the line, the final “version” of the Enterprise and the grand culmination of human technology. She is simply breathtaking to behold. I’d do this even knowing how ridiculous it sounds to any rational thinking person immersed in this reality and I know that because I’m as thoroughly entrenched in it as anyone here. The fact is, I believe it in a mythological sense and I’m going on faith that it’s also true in an internal functional sense.

In other words, my-theology is a way of describing and understanding functions or movements within myself that I can’t otherwise see. Even tho I can’t see the actual function itself (because it is a function not a substance) I can use mythology to observe and understand it. I do eventually require proof and like I said, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. I could say a lot of things here but the thing I keep saying in my own head is…


On the other side, if you want to call it that, there’s a living persistent world that you get to thru your dreams or trances. There are actually many, many worlds but I’m concerned with one… the New Earth of the New Man. Trance is a fancy word for daydreaming which has some advantages over our regular nocturnal dreaming in terms of what you can do there and how it affects our waking world. We think of daydreaming as a kind of random thing filled with nonsense, but in an esoteric sense that’s how and where I go to Work everyday.

The only way I can explain it is what we think of as dreaming or a dreamscape equates to normal space or the astral plane. That in itself is beyond physical description but then there is another space that exists in between space(s) where anything you can imagine is possible. This is also the space that ultimately controls the other space(s). “This” is Hyperspace.


Tonight, the Enterprise Omega tested her brand new Hyperdrive system but tonight was fucking groundbreaking in that I actually experienced hyperspace in a conscious state of awareness, not only was I there, but my subconscious mind was “training” my conscious mind on how to respond to it. Without going into detail I was essentially being shown how to engage/disengage and tune my hyperdrive thru what I can only describe as “artful breathing”.

This is what I call self evidence, within my own mind there is absolutely no doubt that I had a profound and game changing experience. I was there and not just there, but while I was there I was actively looking for ways to leave tangible evidence. There is atm no external evidence of this extraordinary claim, only the inner experience.

I did some experimenting and I use that in the loosest sense of the word. What I tried to do was “place” some things in local physical spacetime that would be easily recognized because there would be no natural or physical explanation of how they occurred yet they would bear my “signature”. Crop circles are a prime example of this and if the experiments worked, somebody should be expecting some crop circle action in their yard. I did it as a passing thought and gesture so I have no idea what to expect.

It could be anything from the complex elegant geometric patterns I was seeing in hyperspace to simply trying to push everything over in one direction which could easily be explained away on paper, but it won’t be because it’ll bear my signature in/on it somewhere. You didn’t really have much to work with in your yard as far as crop circles go. I also tried to fix a couple of things in need of repair after deciding that a cylinder of water suspended in the concrete of your driveway might be a little much in the case it actually worked.

I did very small somewhat controlled experiments, but the fact is I realized pretty quickly what the greater implications would be if my experiments were successful. You could literally jump into hyperspace, “place” whatever you want in your physical reality and then wake up to enjoy the dream. The sort of issue with this that currently begs restraint is that you can literally do things that defy this reality. I wanted to try a whole lot of other shit, but if I’d have brought any of it into this plane at this juncture it would have attracted attention… a lot of it and all the wrong kind.

We’ll see if my little experiments work. I’m already blown away by the personal experience, but if any of those experiments do work… holy fuck! If it turns out to be what I think it is, the “means” to obtain anything desired in the physical world, then it is the truly revolutionary news that I have faithfully awaited my entire life. What it means is that I can finally pursue my dream without having to worry about material necessities and how and where I’m going to get them. Of course the real qualifier here is “if it works” but if it does, we’ve just opened a door to the New World.