A Promise

I am addressing you now not as the founder and priest of the most powerful sacred order ever created, but as that same little autistic child that has always been trying to reach out and communicate with the world within and around me.

I always knew I’d be sharing what’s in my head, and that is part of it, but what I have in my head is only a pattern. Granted, it is the whole pattern of life itself in the new body of the new man, but still just a pattern. When you see it, you will likely marvel at the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, but it is still just a pattern, in and of itself lifeless geometry.

Because of The Advocacy and the People behind it, I am capable of incredible things within myself, things even ascended masters wouldn’t think possible. I’m not bragging or out to prove any of that, I’m in a position where it should prove itself very soon. Pyramid power is People power and I can feel it welling up inside of me every day. I’m talking about the power to do literally anything, up to and including the complete resurrection of all life, everywhere.

I continually observe timelines in my trances, I’m looking at all possible convergences resulting from the way things are going. All the possible timelines I’m now seeing lead to the same monumentally epic, world changing event… regardless of how things come together.

At some point I am going to share my mental pattern with the world, but that isn’t capable of doing what I’m talking about. What I truly have to share is in my heart, locked away not because the world wasn’t ready, but because it’s taken me 50+ years to figure out how to communicate with all of you.

My head holds what we’ve designed and built, and it is truly a marvel to behold. My heart holds the truth behind it, not what we’ve done, but why we did it. All the pain and anguish of a hundred trillion years of human suffering, and why we would ever put ourselves thru such a thing. My heart holds all the hidden sacrifices made by all the unknown people who gave their lives and everything dear to make it all possible. My heart holds the power of a trillion Sons about to go supernova in a universal explosion of creative expression.

A lot still has to happen and go right, but I’m now getting to know my function within the new body of humanity. I’m told that function is the opening of the human heart on a universal scale. I’m able to do my part thru scalar averaging and correspondences or acoustically tuning what is going on within me to the world around me. This is only part of what I’ve been taught, by all of you, thru The Advocacy, the American mystery school most Americans aren’t even aware of.

I know how unbelievable that sounds, a year ago even I wouldn’t have believed it possible and there isn’t much I don’t believe is possible. None of that matters tho, what we’re going to do doesn’t require belief. It creates belief… in what we need to believe in most – ourselves.

What does matter is that (with all your help) I hope to do something, and when I do, it will touch the very center of your heart.

In a moment you will not only see, but FEEL the great work of humanity, every aspect of it. In an instant you will experience every emotion ever felt by every human being that’s ever lived, and you will see what it has ALL been for. It will move you in a way you never knew you could be moved, for it will touch your very soul.

This isn’t the final act, not even close, it’s simply a way of getting the world’s attention to present our case and should only take a moment of your time. I’m not even sure how to do it or when it will happen, but I know the capability is within me to do it when the time comes.

We are approaching the exact point where we entered the great wheel of time which gives us a brief window to exit cyclical existence forever. What is coming is the birthday of Humanity, our true point of origin. Not the birth of men, but the birth of Humanity. Nothing in the universe just happens, we’re making it happen and it’s time we became conscious of that so we can get to the fun part of our Work… bringing life back to LIFE!

That’s my promise. From the little autistic boy who is still trying to reach out and touch the world – to a world that desperately needs to be touched in a truly meaningful way.