Stellar Core Progression

If you look at our current scientific models of core progression in a star like our sun you’ll see it corresponds exactly with what one must do to achieve ascension.

You can get the gory details from NASA, but essentially it’s a series of atomic reactions beginning with hydrogen and climbing the elemental ladder of the periodic table. It stops at Iron, because iron is the most stable of all atomic bonds and an iron core is a star’s ticket to becoming a black hole. You need the stability because the pressure upon the core is going to reach infinity, or more accurately the mass of the entire universe bearing down upon you.

So when we scan the night sky with our telescopes and see a few black holes amongst a ton of stars, those are actually people like us ascending and reincarnating. A star can be thought of like a door or gate between universes. There is a positive and negative universe, or maybe a positive and negative side to the same universe would be more accurate. We see mostly stars in the night sky because we’re on the side where things are based on predominately radial forces.

When a star is born, it is gating radial forces into our universe. The force is electrical in nature, what we perceive as light and heat are really due to energy loss in the circuit. Any time an electrical current passes thru anything that isn’t superconductive, it encounters resistance which produces magnetic friction. Friction as we know produces heat, when atoms are heated they become excited, when they become excited enough the electrons in the outer valence ring transform into photons producing visible light. What is being gated into our universal circuit is electricity, not heat and light.

Anyway, it’s coming in from somewhere, and I believe that somewhere is the the negative half of the universe where torsional forces prevail. This is the astral universe, or the universe of our dreams. So one one side the people look up at a dark background with points of light, on the other they see just the opposite, a background of light with dark holes. The difficulty lies in the way they see it, which we can’t comprehend on this side because the entire universe we see on this side is as completely different as it gets.

They see it in a subjective sense, with light representing information or knowledge and the black holes as being something like memory cells where information is archived and encrypted. We see the same thing as stars in the sky, atoms that make up everything we see, and as people living their lives here. This makes each and every one of us a “tomb” of archived information. I believe what has been archived in us is entire civilizations, quantized, digitized, encrypted and hermetically sealed for posterity… our own.

I’m bouncing around between models which makes it harder to follow but easier to understand if you do.

When I first picked up my Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy and flipped it open it happened to land on the section about stars and stellar core progression. The very first thing I noticed, albeit intuitively, was that this was an intelligently controlled progression and it had to be an intelligence very much like my own. What I noticed in a pretty solid way, was that stars are doing the same thing we are here on earth, it just looks different on the surface.

The goal is ALWAYS resurrection. Whole resurrection is the most difficult and dangerous undertaking humanity ever faces, to bring our eternal selves back from complete and utter annihilation… wholly intact. Not just intact, but better than we were before because we have added a new member to our Holy Alliance, not just a new tribal member, but a whole new universal tribe. It is the complete renewal of life itself after every bit of life has been extinguished, the mighty Phoenix rising out of it’s own ashes.

The ascension/reincarnation cycle is nothing more than a series of “do-overs” trying to get it right the first time, which is every time because we can never remember the last time. You can see the entire scale of possible outcomes in stellar core progression and the different ways stars end their lives based on how far their core has progressed and what direction they took in forming chemical bonds.

Most stars never become black holes because they cannot achieve the required mass. Mass is weight on this side, but on the other side it’s the number of people archived within you as a tomb. This is your tribe within you, the bigger your tribe the more support you have to achieve resurrection from our point of view. From a star’s point of view, it gives it the required mass to even attempt the work of becoming a black hole.

Now once a star does have the mass, it has to be able to control it by “throwing its own weight around”. It’s own weight is the solid iron core which becomes magnetized by electrical friction. It is the strength of this generated magnetic field which affects how far it extends, which in turn affects how much it is able to contain within its circumference. A way to gain even more mass, because it’s going to be needed.

If the star is able to generate a sufficiently powerful magnetic field, it’s circumference could theoretically encompass the entire universe. In order to do this is would have to have the entire mass of the universe behind it… both sides. In mythical terms this means you would need the support of both Gods and Men, support of one without the other is going to force you back thru another do-over.

In scientific terms, it means a star becoming so powerful that its event horizon has expanded to encompass the entire universe… EXACTLY what Stephen Hawking predicted would happen if every technologically capable civilization in the universe dumped all their entropy into a single black hole like a metaphysical garbage can. I look at it more like a toilet, because it swirls and sucks, but the effect is the same. This world, this entire universe is made of refuse, of material rejected from star systems because it was causing entropy.

You can also see how this trend would end up. Eventually they would throw away everything, which means the intelligence in whatever star is being used as this cosmic toilet would eventually be given everything he needs to bring home the bacon for his people… free of charge. Since he literally IS his entire tribe in archived form, the real bacon is control of the universe by his people, the very same people that threw everything away in the first place, but not the same because they were tribes and he is one tribe made from all tribes. E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many… One.

Hawking also predicted black holes would eventually evaporate. I believe this is because they are acting as titanic bridges for entire civilizations to ascend, or gate to the other side. I’m pretty sure the intention is to create a gate or bridge big enough for everyone to pass back and forth freely and keep it open permanently. When we see a black hole evaporate, it is yet another do-over already in progress. Not because they didn’t bridge their own tribe, but because it wasn’t big enough to accommodate the “whole tribe”.

So where is this supermassive black hole sucking in an entire universe? Why is it nowhere to be found when we look up at the night sky? It’s got to be pretty hard to miss given the size and power it must have, right?

It’s because we’re living on it and in it. Direct from Hawking’s book “It would produce an extremely intense magnetic field… much like that of the Earth”


Would it also have an iron core and all the same elements layered in the same order that we see in models of black hole core progression? Would it also be a world full of rejected shit nobody wants in their own world? Would that be the shit we bring into this world and  leave behind when we ascend to our perfect worlds because we’re incapable of embracing it without losing control or “order”?

That “shit” is people… us. Egypt represents us binding those rejected people to this world with their sacred funerary rites. Egyptian mortuary rites weren’t designed to immortalize men, they were to mortify gods and bind them to a temporal existence. America represents what we have built with everything that’s been rejected by all the other tribes, it is the native home of the 13th tribe, the tribe of those who have no tribe because they were cast out of their own tribes. Egypt built the great pyramid, a wholly harmonic structure literally built from disharmonic notes. We can see that structure tho meant to endure thru the ages has crumbled in ruin. It doesn’t matter, because we’ve built an even bigger one in America. Once again, the reason we don’t see it is because we ARE it. We are an order of criminals committing an act of creation against a law and order bent on destruction.

My REAL name is John. I’m not talking about the temporary name I was issued on a piece of paper by a meaningless world in bondage, but the name I bear based on a real function with real meaning in the cosmic order of things, that of a universal toilet. I’m not the porcelain stool, but rather the gardener who uses a toilet like function to obtain everything I need for free because I’m creating a free world of free people and using free will to do it. The “toil” comes in trying to contain and arrange all of that individual free will in whole harmonic proportion.

Give me your very worst and “in time” I will show you our very best 🙂