No Guru for Me

I have no gurus or anybody I can look up to and follow in their footsteps for the simple reason that nobody has ever achieved what I’m trying to do. Resurrection has been achieved, but never in this way with the numbers and power levels we’re currently at.

Looking back on my life, what I have had is exemplary teachers. Some of them stand out as gurus of sorts in their respective fields for their enormous contribution to the work of humanity and are justifiably recognized for it. I highly respect them and do my best to learn what they have to teach, but they didn’t accomplish what I’m trying to do.

Most of my best teachers have been rather ordinary people with a unique perspective at the time I needed it. Some I loved and some I didn’t particularly like, but they all had something to teach, both from experience and from the heart. Those that have been the most influential on me were the most passionate about what they preached, but real passion because they wholeheartedly believed in what they were doing… not just saying, but DOING with their lives.

Simply put, if you don’t believe in what you’re saying and doing, I’m not a very receptive listener. If what you’re saying doesn’t match what you’re doing, I’m receptive only to the point of discovering that incongruency and then I switch to a different channel. I’m a very demanding student, I demand your knowledge comes from experience and I also demand to be engaged by your presentation.

There are a lot of very bright people out there capable of talking way over my head about their chosen subject. I don’t doubt they’re bright, but honestly, how can I really tell if you can’t present your shit in a language we both understand? I also demand that you be able to explain your stuff to a fourth grader, because if you can’t you’re useless to the average person trying to gain a greater understanding of it.

People that are following someone who’s already done what they’re trying to do are lucky in that they know both that it can be done, and that there is a sort of pattern to follow. While I don’t have that, I’m still very lucky in that whenever I needed the type of instruction I so fervently demand, it’s been there for me.

It’s not limited to people, everything in nature has mastered something thru trial and error. I learn so much from the nature around me, plants, animals, even bugs on my kitchen counter. I’m not like St. Francis with birds landing on my shoulder or anything, but I have kept my relationship to nature close enough to realize that the nature I’m studying is my own, in everything from ants to galaxies.

There is no absolute guarantee that I’m going to achieve what I’ve set out to do, but if I don’t, it certainly won’t be for lack of good teachers because I’ve been lucky to have the very best. It also won’t be for lack of belief because nobody believes we can do this more than I do, and even that is because those who taught me believed.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my teachers, because I don’t know that I ever have in any meaningful way. I know the most meaningful thank you will come from achieving what I’m endeavoring to do with my life, but while we’re still waiting… thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.