Spear of Destiny

I think anyone with a working brain knows that when trying to lead a great movement or revolution, some crusty old spear, regardless of who got poked by it, isn’t going to do your endeavor much good. Even if you could get people to believe that it had some magical power, the fact that you don’t makes it worthless in achieving your destiny.

I think it’s symbolic of the need for direction in any movement. Legend has it that one who possesses the Spear of Destiny will charge thru battle undaunted to victory. Legend also has it that those who drop the spear, get creamed pretty much instantly and their revolutionary movement splits off in different directions.

Any revolutionary movement needs direction, the bigger the movement or mass being moved, the more focused this direction must be. By the time a revolution occurs, a mass is in a state where it just wants to move from where it’s at, the mass in this case is the Body of Humanity. As a mass in that state, it doesn’t particularly care which direction it moves and without direction it will move in all directions.

Remember tho, that this mass is us, humanity itself and we always and only move in one direction –> towards self improvement, regardless of what it may look like at times. In fact in those times when it most looks like something other than self improvement, we use leaders of extreme vision and focus that see the right way to go even thru the confusion.

I don’t think it’s just about a strong will and knowing what you want to do, that’s only half of it. I think the other half is being perceptive enough to know which way your mass wants to move, and aligning your will to it. Moving a mass the size of the human race theoretically shouldn’t require any force at all, if your will is perfectly aligned with the direction that mass wants to move. All great leaders I know of have this in common, an almost psychic ability to tune in to the body of humanity.

It’s very likely that what’s happening here isn’t the leader creating the movement, but the movement creating it’s leader. They are simply focal points for human consciousness when it decides on a direction in which to move. The same thing happens in our own minds and bodies, each bodily function is governed by a human intelligence, all working in concert and moving us toward our goal. We call upon those functions within us whenever we want to do anything. Most movements or changes are relatively minor, then there are the ones that truly affect and change our lives.

To make minor changes we call upon minor functions, in society minor leaders, major changes equal major functions or leaders. Both one and the same – thinking, feeling, intelligent people whether inside or out, and both performing functions within the body of humanity, whether inside or out. Great change requires powerful functions we rarely call upon or “men of greatness”… and they do achieve greatness, but not in and of themselves, the body of humanity “grants” them the power of the people.

Because of free will, this movement has to be coordinated on both sides. The leader is not a puppet to the will of the people, the will on both sides is formed as they grow up together. It is a completely symbiotic relationship bonded by the blood of humanity.

The Spear of Destiny isn’t to be found in some museum, it is placed in the hand of the one who wields it by the body of humanity when their wills converge and removed when they diverge. If you can make your will flexible enough to keep it aligned with the constantly changing will of the People, you could theoretically wield the spear forever. A little simple math also says that any number of individuals could wield it simultaneously, given a mass attunement of wills on a single focal point.