Unseeing the World

The objective world we see around us isn’t the world we actually live in. I know we see it all around us but what are we actually looking at?

Objects. People places and things but everything we look at is an object of one form or another. Even if we see everything down to microscopic detail we’re still not seeing 90% of the world we live in.

To see that world we need to look between things rather than at things. Things by themselves mean nothing, which is why we can’t find meaning in our objective world. A good analogy is music. The difference between music and random noise isn’t just where the notes are placed, but when. When we listen to a song we hear the notes but what makes it a song is the interval between the notes. The “meaning” of music is found in the relationship between the notes, not the notes themselves.

If we could somehow learn to look between things we’d see what’s behind everything. Of course when we look between objects our eyes see nothing, because it’s not there. I mean it’s not where we’re looking because it’s not a thing and we’re looking for something instead of nothing. It doesn’t make any sense, yet it does.

We have the ability within us, it’s our subjective view and very natural to our subjective state and the world of our dreams. In that world we see nothing but meaning, what we lack is the objective view to see ourselves as people, places, or things.

Seeing the “whole” world then really comes down to crossing our subjective and objective consciousness. This is where the word “christ” comes from, it’s not a surname as in Jesus Christ. I think it was simply the term the ancient Greeks used for crossed. If there is a “truth” this is the only way it can be found, for it does not reside in either of the two separate states we generally inhabit.

Looking at things this way it makes total sense that the only way to the truth is thru christ, or by crossing our subjective and objective states of consciousness. “I am the truth, I am the way” and “the only way to the father is thru me”. The father here represents the subjective state where we see (and have control over) everything within us.

So the only way for Man, a creature of the objective world to connect with his God, a creator of the subjective world, is thru the christic state. Simply put… it’s the only way for man to meet his maker. It’s also the only way for us to reclaim our Humanity.

We live in two worlds, one inside our self and the other outside of our self. Imagine a world where we all live not on the outside or inside, but beside ourselves 🙂