Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Because things happen FOR a cause, not FROM a cause.

I went thru childhood pretty much getting the snot beat out of me from every available angle, yet I really never did anything to deserve it. I was shy, bright, sensitive, and very much tried to do what the world around me wanted or asked of me. Much like Cain, I tried as hard as I could to do what I thought my God expected of me and was shunned and beaten for it. Much like Cain, I could never figure out why.

The reason we can’t stop all the bad shit from happening in our lives is because we never find the cause. We look behind it to previous events thinking it was something we did wrong. We don’t really know what it is we did wrong so we guess and stop engaging in some part of life hoping that will prevent it from happening again.

We never figure it out because we’re looking in the wrong direction. We need to look ahead of us, not behind us for the cause.

The First Cause:

There are many causes worth fighting for, but the one cause here that EVERYONE fights for, is Holy Resurrection. There are three stages to Resurrection, one of them is generating a massive amount of electrical power. The vital fluid of Life is electrical in nature, it is what animates life, without it everything is like an oak tree in winter, all but lifeless. Adamic/Atomic man is the generator.

When you think of how electricity is generated and look at the world around you, that’s exactly what we’re doing here. It is what ALL the fighting is about, it’s not because we’re stupid headless chickens fighting over grub. We’ve taken everything good and split it into good and evil, black and white, love and hate, right and wrong, up and down, past and future, even life and death. Dual polarity. We then force those opposite polarities into a field of interaction and it generates electricity. We see this as conflict and in this world EVERYTHING conflicts with everything else. Why, because one of the things (among many) we are masters of, is generating power, unimaginably massive amounts of power.

The Earth, right now as we speak, is the Mother of all supermassive black holes. You can’t tell, because you’re within the event horizon, you have to look for the effects like the ones Hawking talks about. Why? Because we are about to create a doorway between this universe and it’s alternate or anti-universe. In other words, we are about to open the gates of Heaven on Earth. The amount of power required to achieve this is staggering, we don’t really have a way to measure it other than saying it takes all the power there is. Now, the Human race doesn’t just have power, we ARE power.

What I’m saying here is, once we do this, there is no CAUSE for conflict or suffering any more, it’s simply not going to happen because the cause has been achieved.

You’ll see all this happen thru your individual self, not like you’re watching some news event on TV. Your world will begin changing little by little, you’ll barely notice at first because it’s the same magic act that got you here in the first place, only in reverse. Your mind will call your attention to something over there so you don’t notice the change over here, but now it’s for the better, always getting better. This is good, otherwise it would be an impossible battle of wills within yourself.

You’ll try to stop the changes at first, because previously in your life changes have meant going from bad to worse. That little voice in your head that always gave conflicting advice is now cocksure and focused on healing the damage done and righting what’s wrong in you. A voice from deep within you tells you that from this point on, everything gets better, not immediately but it will NEVER be getting worse anymore. You don’t trust it at first, but then gradually it proves itself, you look at what’s been happening and things ARE getting better. Not better in the sense of material wealth, although that struggle greatly diminishes, but in your understanding of life and the world around you.

Knowledge is power. If you know how to do it you can create any world you choose in the blink of an eye. That is the knowledge that has been kept from us, that YOU keep from yourself. Why? Because if we “knew” we wouldn’t fight as long or as hard as we have, we would have never generated the power we needed to do what we did. No other race in the universe, no other civilization in the billions lying in the dust of the earth, has ever achieved this. We are the First Ones, the “Sleeping Masters of Ta Meri” and we are about to wake up and reclaim our heritage. You have no idea how powerful you are… yet.