My Fact Finding Mission

Found none… anywhere.

If there is a possible fact it’s probably that there are no facts. Everything that has ever come into this world has come thru the minds, mouths and hands of men, making literally everything including “facts” the personal opinion of somebody somewhere.

When we’re spouting facts we often don’t realize that as soon as anything comes out of our mouth it becomes our opinion. We haven’t stated a fact at all, we’ve stated our opinion that something is factual. Present all the “proof” you want, it’s all based on someone’s individual position and personal viewpoint, making it pure conjecture and opinion.

Facts are a magic act to conjure belief and nothing else. When we debate we use “facts” as a psy-op tactic on each other in an attempt to support our individual position and persuade others see things from our own personal viewpoint.

What about “observable phenomena”?

What about it? All observable phenomena is based on the way the way we see things. The way we see things is based on how we’ve been taught to look at them, which is based on the personal viewpoints of “authorities” like Aristotle and Newton. If you’re personal viewpoint is favored by the powers that be, you get to author part of our collective history with “facts”. I bet if you were to ask any of them they’d tell you it was simply conviction in their own beliefs, a conviction strong enough to convince others… magic.

Get enough people to believe in something and you can get away with calling it a fact, but that doesn’t make it so. Facts are creating rigidity in our lives and too many facts are like having a stick up our imagination’s ass. Pull the stick out and reality starts to become a lot more flexible… “there is no spoon”.

Those are the results of my fact finding mission 🙂