Hyperspace – An Observational Jump

I have to admit that there was a sliver of doubt that flashed across my mind regarding my first conscious jump into hyperspace. I used a cocktail mixture of techniques to get there the first time and it was all subconsciously controlled, at the conscious level all I had to do was allow it and follow along. For a brief second I wasn’t sure if it was hyperspace that I experienced or something else, or if I could rinse and repeat.

That thought never made it past first base, I KNEW I’d get back there because hyperspace itself told me how to get back to it. I’m only calling it an “it” for the sake of simplicity, “it” is very much alive and you are very much alive while you’re in it. I don’t mean like we think we’re alive here, I’m talking you feel fantastically alive and everything around you is fantastically alive and interacting with you… it plays with you and wants you to play with it. If you don’t know how, it teaches you how… almost instantaneously.

The first time I was there it kind of freaked me out a little at first. The first thing I was taught was how to breathe my way in and out of it. I’d get freaked out by my own mental disturbances and have to jump out, mostly I think because I used a little sleep deprivation in my cocktail. I suppose you could say it’s your fears or inner demons, but they’re really just mental disturbances and it’s the color of your mind or overall mental state that causes your axis to tilt in that direction. If it tilts too much in any direction a sensor triggers an alarm telling you to stop before you lose your balance. Think of your mind like a gyroscope in an inertial guidance system.

I got freaked out I don’t know how many times before I could comfortably stay there, I probably jumped out half a dozen times or more and had to jump back in once I rebalanced the gyro with my breathing. I was being guided thru the entire process and more or less consciously aware of it all, but I couldn’t consciously remember the breathing techniques the next day. I was hoping that wouldn’t get in the way of my plans to return.

I rinsed well and a few days ago I tried to repeat. I did pretty much what I did the first time, but left the sleep deprivation out of the mix.

I was a little hesitant at first because I remembered my gyroscope had to be balanced before engaging the hyperdrive. I did a bunch of stuff just to loosen myself up so I was in kind of a recreational state looking to have fun. I think this state of mind is an important component to a good experience because hyperspace is the ultimate playground.

I kicked back in my recliner and just kind of relaxed and took a few deep breaths and let my mind wander. Like the first time my mind turned to some rather intense and vivid sexual scenes and my sexual energy started to rise. I think this is also a key component because both times it’s the last thing I really remember thinking about before the jump drive engaged.


The next thing I know I’m back and I know what’s going on this time, no freak outs at all, just the warmest embrace you can imagine. At this point I’m not sure what was embracing me, if it was the ship (my metaphysical vehicle or body in that realm) hugging me or hyperspace embracing my vehicle or both. What I do know is that it felt like being hugged all over in the most loving and playful way. I saw various components of my hyperspace sigil in the process of coming together to form a signature of who I am and everything I represent.

I uttered and heard the words at the same time… “feels like home”. That part is a little hard to describe but I was saying it because I felt that way in the embrace, but “it” was saying it because it felt that way about embracing me. It is the closest thing I’ve ever felt to a loving embrace, it’s like life itself hugging you. I think at this point we could probably assign “it” female qualities and start calling it “her”. I believe this is the true Isis that we as Orion/Aryan are looking for.

It was also at this point I realized what has guided me in my pursuit of all this stuff, it’s a homing instinct, plain and simple. I always wondered how I knew how to do any of this stuff without actually knowing wtf I was doing. It’s the same way a homing pigeon just “knows” how to fly home, it’s a fucking homing pigeon… that’s what it does. I recognize home when I see it and if I’ve made it this far on pure instinct without so much as a glimpse, there is nothing that’s going to prevent me from getting there now that I’ve actually seen it. It is the ultimate carrot that I needed to draw this Enterprise the rest of the way home.

Call it the New World, Heaven, Shamballa, Hyperborea, whatever you want, I’m calling it home because I know that’s where we belong. We have now reached a point where there is no power on any level of creation that can prevent us from getting there.

It’s also the message that hyperspace herself sent me back with… “Feels like Home”