The Lion of Judah

He is the King of Beats and a member of the 13th tribe otherwise known as the Tribe of Judah. The Tribe of Judah is a tribe of rejects, those cast out of the other 12 tribes… a tribe of those who have no tribe of their own… all the Stones the builders refused. This makes for a mountain of stones nobody wants.. they are essentially “free”

A Freemason is somebody who uses these free stones to build a monumental structure capable of housing all of them with unique purpose, position, and place. This requires 3 things… Time, Space, and a hell of a lot of Patience. Time and Space for position and place and the Patience to let them find it themselves. Remember, the Stones are US

If successful tho, he becomes the King of the Hill, the Great Pyramid, the most perfect structure ever built. Every rejected stone is now perfect in its own rite. Each and every stone performs a vital function to a perfect whole just being being what and where it naturally wants to be. Because it is now supported by the whole structure, it becomes the very best at what it does with the support of every available resource. Remember, the Stones are US

He is the King of Beats because he has the biggest heart. He is the only One to have made room for every One in his Heart before we all ran out of Time, Space, and Patience

The Lion of Judah has prevailed, or we wouldn’t be here right now because our allotted Time ran out at midnight on December 21 2012, our allotted Space ran out when the world population reached 7 billion, the only thing keeping us together in our endeavor is the undying Patience of the biggest Heart in the Universe.