Free Willy

I like philosophy because it’s good mental exercise to get your mind to think higher and deeper than our everyday mundane activities. One of the biggest philosophical controversies is whether or not we really have free will.

That one I can answer, at least to my own satisfaction.

We most certainly do have and exercise free will on all levels, and that’s the key.

We have but One Will, but that will is split into a trinity just like everything else. Your God or higher self has free will, your lower self or Man has free will, and the real whole you also has free will. To remove free will from any one of them removes it from all of them. One mind, but with its unconscious, conscious, and subconscious parts seemingly but distinctly separated, each operating independently with its own free will.

Each of those is the entire mind viewed by the entire mind from a different perspective. It’s a tough one to wrap your brain around, you kind of have to see it within you to make sense out of it. It’s also maddeningly frustrating trying to get past this compartmentalization because it doesn’t actually exist except in the way we perceive ourselves. The great Veil results from a battle of wills within our own trinity, to remove that veil then should just be a matter of aligning our “wills” into One Will.

A seemingly simple enough task, but almost impossible in practice. Turns out the biggest impediment to free will is free will itself.

Imagine yourself as the Host of all the individual atoms (people) within you. You want free will, full control over your own reality. The problem is all this stuff follows a set of natural universal laws, one of which is “like begets like”. This means that if you want individual free will as a host, you have to grant that same right to every individual within you.

Still, not a huge issue at first, but once a few atoms becomes trillions thru cellular division, it becomes a truly mind boggling problem.

How on earth are you going to get every individual free will within you into alignment? They have to be, or you can’t accomplish what we’re supposed to do here. You can’t force them, because that usurps free will, including your own. You can’t align your will with every one of them because they all want something different and there’s one of you and trillions of them. You can’t have no will of your own because then neither will they and life becomes a lethargic lump of nothing with no aspiration toward any purpose and thus no reason to live.

Thus the mission, to “Go forth – divide and conquer” becomes an almost certain suicide mission with the current number of individual souls involved at this point of division. Conquer cannot be “conquer” it must be “concur” to maintain free will. Ascended masters conquer thru discipline and control, a Holy Man or fully realized Human being concurs thru love, imagination, and belief. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you get what you give in either scenario. Personally, I don’t want to have to control anything for the simple reason that I don’t want anything controlling me. I want to be able to spend all my time and effort having fun, not trying to maintain or escape my own control.

Free will seems like it has been usurped at times because we apportion the wills within ourselves according to our overall will. If 2/3 of your trinity wants to go one way and 1/3 wants to go the other, guess which way you’re going. It’s designed according to musical laws to preserve a balanced state of harmony and disharmony. Man is always attempting to create disharmony and God is always attempting to create harmony, the real you wants the perfect blend of each so you have both perfect bliss AND something fun to do with your life. Perfect bliss doesn’t come with social skills and neither does having fun at others expense… like begets like.

What keeps this system so honest, is the realization that you are also one of the individuals within you being affected by the conditions you create as a host. As a host you’d like perfect order because it makes hosting effortless, but that makes life as an individual within you a sterile overbearing bore. As an individual we’d like the “freedom” to do whatever the hell we want whenever the hell we want, but that makes life as a host a living hell. You see now where freedom and liberty differ and why liberty is what we’re after.

It’s about creating a world full of vibrant colorful life, the grandest expression of which is the fully realized Human being… real People enjoying life and having fun. Even if you want a world with just you surrounded by pristine unspoiled wilderness, there’s no real enjoyment in it unless you can share it with friends and show it off.