The Missing Link

I remember when growing up scientists were always looking for the evolutionary “missing link” between man and the animals around him. They were always running around looking for some prototype half ape, half man to make the evolution story work.

It’s what’s known as a quantum evolutionary leap. What this means is that it’s quite impossible to make that leap without some kind of bridge to cross between the two kingdoms.

That bridge is our pets. The reason they love us without question even when we’re cruel to them is because we are providing a way for them to attain the biggest leap they have yet known in their evolutionary process. The leap from being part of a group soul to becoming an individual soul. That’s what’s really taking place here, a dog is just a dog until we name it and treat it like an individual. It also provides a magical bridge for our own quantum leap, without pets we’d be screwed.

Where in our evolutionary history does it ever hint that we were once pets?

In myth and legends. Almost all of them tell of a time when we were slaves and describe the relationships between slaves and masters exactly the way we’d see them if we were the pets. My theory is that our pets see themselves this way, people in a society in bondage. What we see today as buying and neutering our pets, they see as being sold into slavery and turned into eunuchs. This is all over in ancient myth, we DID go thru the same thing our pets are going thru now.

Even after we bridge the quantum gap and become Man, we’re still trying to break away from group souls. The group souls themselves make it tough because they want your membership and never want to give it up unless you become like a disease threatening to completely dismember them.

The goal is to become as individual as possible and yet retain your membership in the Whole. That means eventually separating from all subgroups within the Human race so the only group you’re beholding to is the Whole of Humanity – maximum individuality and maximum group membership all in the same package… You.

In an esoteric sense, when you support an exclusive group by being a member or some other means, what you’re really doing is supporting a particular function within yourself over other functions. This creates imbalances in the Body, we see this in the external world as a myriad of subgroups all fighting amongst each other over ideology. This is why you want to ditch any and all subgroups and support the Whole. You’re killing three birds with one stone, the very act of disengaging subgroups both supports the whole and makes you more individual at the same time. The combined action of the two brings your mind and body back into harmonic balance.

On another note, support comes in many forms. One of the biggest ways people are supporting the largest most powerful groups in this world is thru symbolism. Everything in this world is a sign, a sign that symbolizes a particular function. These groups each have their function within the whole and the symbols they use describe the function they perform.

You’re supporting the secret orders of the world without even knowing it just by being a consumer. They all have product logos, company logos, trademarks, and branding. These are all made up of arcane symbols that they’re using to describe their work, when you buy or use something with those symbols, you are supporting the group behind it.

You might need to read all that twice to put two and two together 🙂