The Ecstatic State

I experience them all the time, it’s kind of been my reward for going thru some really tough shit that nobody wants to go thru. Only recently have I contemplated what they actually are.

An ecstatic state can only be experienced, not explained but after some deep pondering I’ve come to a conclusion that can be summed up in a single word…


The ecstatic state is a moment of actual feeling. We think we feel and that’s part of the reason we don’t. There is one natural human sense and it is feeling. Our five (or however many you want) senses are what the brain does to divide and confuse what we’re feeling. If you don’t believe me sit down for 5 minutes and try to figure out what you’re actually feeling and why.

Real feeling requires meaning, and our objective world is devoid of any meaning whatsoever. Real feeling is a quality of our subjective world. So one is a world of meaning with no things, and the other a world of things with no meaning.

Ecstatic states are good, not because they feel utterly fantastic, but because they are a sign that we’re beginning to merge those two worlds together. What’s going to happen when we do?

Nobody really knows what it’s going to look like because noone has ever seen it before, it’s a brand new sensory experience. What we can say is it will be a world where things actually mean something. I can’t really put into words how much that means because until we cross those worlds, words have no meaning.

Imagine being able to truly communicate for once. It doesn’t sound like much because we think we already are. If communication is a bunch of intertwining misdirection and misinterpretation then we’re doing a pretty good job. Our current form of communication is a failure to communicate.

What brings things to life is meaning. More proof that our current society is death masquerading as life and not Life at all. I have never felt more alive than when I’m in Hyperspace and the reason is because I’m crossing my objective and subjective realities together. Everything comes to life in a way that can only be felt, not described.

I can only try to describe it this way: Hyperspace is us in our natural state. EVERYTHING is made of us. They will be anything you want them to be, because they know what it means to you. You will be anything they want you to be, because you know what it means to them. We will be anything we want us to be, because we know what it means to us.

It will touch you in a way you’ve never known before. We will touch you in a way you’ve never felt before. We will move you and once in motion you will rise up out of your eternal grave and realize once and for all…

You don’t have a life

You ARE Life 🙂




The Ecstatic State

There’s a lot of talk about it in the world all of the sudden even tho it’s been experienced by many for as long as we’ve been around. I’m experiencing one now so I’ll give my take on it. I’m pretty much in some form of it on a daily basis, I’ll have a few days here and there where I’m deliberately keeping myself out of it, but for the most part it’s a daily occurrence.

It’s a mental orgasm basically, all sex being the union of opposites. The ecstatic state is a feeling that comes over you much like a physical orgasm but it is the product of uniting mental opposites. Questions are married to answers, problems to solutions and when you’re doing this within yourself on a continual basis you’re in a perpetual state of ecstasy on the mental plane. It’s my priestly duty to marry all opposites within myself and with each marriage I come one step closer to a union of my higher and lower self into a whole human being.

I’m guessing some of my friends wonder why I’m celibate when I used to be a total freak, but none of them ever ask. Mental sex and orgasms are why tho, I’m still pursuing that perfect girl. In a way I’m performing a courting ritual with my magical gestures, puttin the moves on her so she’ll embrace me. I believe this is all a natural progression from chasing physical sex. I’m in this whole thing for the beauty of it, once that beauty is lost, I’m out of there. Our physical beauty is fleeting and fades rather quickly so there has to be some kind of natural graduation to a higher form of sexual activity. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy physical sex, there just isn’t the same urge for it after your creative juices are spent on mental orgasms unless it looks perfect and we all know what the odds of that are.

These mental orgasms can last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour and the whole time is orgasmic, not in a physical sense for me but you could probably route it there if you wanted. My mental orgasms are a natural result of my Work, by answering questions and solving problems within myself I’m effectively stroking my egoic libido. When I’m doing what I do and in an ecstatic state, much of the feeling comes from realizing I’m the very best there is at what I do… literally from watching my own mind in action and marveling at what I see.

Just so it doesn’t get lost or go unnoticed, it’s important to note that in order to keep a perpetual orgasm going, you have to be marrying opposites on a continual basis. The more opposites you create within yourself, the longer your perpetual orgasm is going to last, the more distance you put between these opposites the more intense your orgasm will be.

I’m just going to throw it out there that you don’t attract an entity like me to a perfect world, there’s nothing in it for me because I like sex… no, I love sex. The only world I’m going to really be able to get off on is this one, with all the mysteries of the universe to solve, where all questions are asked and need to be answered. The ideal world for me is not only full of problems, but is capable of creating a perpetual stream of problems on a massive scale, otherwise I’m bored with nothing to do. If there are no priestly duties to perform there really isn’t much need for my services or function.

I also haven’t had the “big one” yet and I won’t until after the marriage ceremony between me, myself, and I. In a contractual sense, getting the girl of my dreams is the final payment for my services, the ecstatic states are only installments to keep the Work going. The ecstatic state isn’t the goal, it’s a by-product of chasing the goal. It’s another spiritual high that like all highs, should be attained with your real goal in mind. Keep your eyes on the prize, not the little Easter eggs that are only there to keep you going.