The Trance State

Is a “trans” or transitory state meaning somewhere in between. This is from observing what I do when I’m in a trance. I’ll use magnetism to try to explain. Everything is on a scale with opposite ends, everything in between the ends of the scale is the spectrum. This is essentially magnetism, positive and negative with a spectral field between the two where things interact. Within that field there are varying gradations of push and pull between the opposite ends or “poles” of the scale.

All “things” within this electromagnetic field are either attracted to or repelled by these poles to varying degrees according to their position within it. We are always being pulled toward one pole or the other (like our muscles they only pull, any push is apparent as muscles are actually pulling in combination to create the effect of pushing) but there is a place in the middle where there are no forces pushing or pulling on you.

This is the “place” I go to within myself to work, because with nothing pulling or pushing on me, I can actually get something done. This place is dynamic, it’s never actually in the same place twice. Finding it is a matter of tuning to find the center of a moving scale. First you identify your opposites to establish a scale and then tune around the middle until you find that sweet spot.

Within me there are two extreme opposite poles, the One and the All. From the One pole I get to see things as me looking at the world around me, from the other I get to see things as the world around me looking back at me. What I’m after is both at once, which I can only see from a place in between or transitory state. I’m not after it just here and there when I slip into a trance, I want to hit a perfect state of balance between these opposite states of consciousness and maintain it eternally. This is the Christ or “crossed” consciousness and we’re all trying to achieve it. It is our soul rite, not reserved solely for some mythical dude in robes from days of future past.

I believe this is our natural state and since all “places” are really states of consciousness, this is our “home” that we have been eternally searching for. Not Atlantis, but a new state of Grace creating a new Heaven on Earth that makes the old Atlantis look like a cheap hack job.

This immeasurable difference between the old Garden of Eden and the new one is attributable to a single new addition to its human population… us. Just like your birth into this world was expected, you/we are expected with great joy by the People of the new world we are about to enter. Just like this world, those people are us. The difference is, all those people are now your own, embracing and supporting you in any and every thing you want to do. You never even have to ask, they just know because they’re YOUR people.