Babble on. It’s the constant rolling commentary in our heads that create a literal reality which acts as a “skin” over another reality beneath it. Just like you, there is a world outside your skin and another inside your skin. This constant commentary over a lifetime builds a tower of many stories. This tower of many stories then becomes the story of our life here on Earth.

If you jump into the way-back machine to the time when you first started eating solid food, that’s when you first started having dreams on an individual level. I’m pretty sure that’s why I never wanted to eat when I was at that age, my dreams were terrifying nightmares. Eating solid food also creates a lot of mental noise, the denser and spicier the food the more noise it creates. It’s the “din of our Rice Krispies” as Sting so eloquently puts it. It’s also why Babylon is equated with consumption and living excessively.

The mental noise is basically just that, random noise but our minds don’t quit trying until they find a pattern, whether there is one or not. We call this “imagination”, and it’s the greatest gift in our possession. Whether or not these patterns are real or imagined is kind of a moot point since everything we will ever sense in an objective form is imagined. That’s what every “thing” is, is some form of pattern that our mind translates into something we can recognize and relate to.

This suggests that you can destroy the tower by fasting, or eating minimal amounts of bland boring foods. This would stop the mental noise or rolling commentary allowing you to see what lies beneath it. The problem with that is, your now left with a pile of rubble you don’t know what to do with still covering what lies beneath it. The only thing you can do with it is build another tower.

So the mission is to build a tower that will reach heaven so we can have our little chat with the gods and tell them the new landlords have arrived. I think we’re always starting with a pile of rubble on each successive reincarnation, and the point is to use all of it. I think the only way to reach heaven is by using every stone. The stones here are the individual notes of the random noise which becomes our rolling commentary, so you want as much noise as you can possibly tolerate. Tolerance comes from your mind being able to find a pattern and make sense out of it in order to orient itself. An oriented mind is a happy mind and an unhappy mind will always seek its own happiness.

So my alternative method to fasting is to generate as much noise as my mind can keep up with. Instead of coddling it with veganism, fasting and other forms of insufferable boredom, I make it fight for its life with meat and spices, and then support its efforts to find a pattern by keeping my imagination active. I keep my imagination active by making up stories, stories that I can add to my tower to heaven. My stories aren’t just stories tho, they’re myth, meaning they are trued to the pattern my mind is detecting. Are they literally true? Not in a literal sense, but they are always symbolically true to the underlying pattern beneath the story. Nothing is “literally true” because we make it all up, every last bit of it.

“Nothing in excess” means all things in moderation, not no things at all. Resurrection is a tuning process where every “thing” is tuned to the whole. The whole can’t be whole without ALL things, thus the axiom “All things in moderation”. That means WE can’t be whole again without all things in moderation. Moderation means tuning all your notes into into a single composition with perfect harmonic proportion. Perfect harmonic proportion is when all the things (your people) within you are wholly represented by both who and what you are as an individual expression of them… or when the outside matches the inside.

We’re all children at heart and we love to play. Play means having people and toys to play with, which are all things. Or you can be like little Jack Horner who sat in his corner eating his curds and whey 🙂