Novus Ordo Seclorum

What it actually means is a “New Secular Order”.

It doesn’t mean a New World Order, tho the two are intimately intertwined.

We are entering into a new world order, but what that actually means is a bit misunderstood.

All worlds are hosted, they have to be. Those hosts are our higher selves, the Sons of God, when those same suns project into an avatar here on earth, they become the Sons of Men. Some, in fact most, only host their own individual world. Some hosts have a mental pattern capable of containing many of those individual worlds, and even greater hosts with extremely high mental orders are capable of containing many of those… hosts of hosts.

These high level hosts are what we call gods. Currently there are 12 of them because nobody has been capable of hosting the entire body of humanity. As a host you get to set a single law that governs the hosted within you. 12 gods, 12 hosts, 12 tribes, 12 bloodlines, 12 universal laws, 12 zodiacal divisions representing the 12 divisions of the body of humanity, 12 notes on the musical scale, 12 months in a year, etc.

We know that we are attempting to make a transition to a single host so we can live under a single law – love. This is the spiritual purpose of America, to “raise” a person capable of doing that. This is the One that comes from Many, the Son of Man here on earth, but the Son of God in heaven or the realm of the gods. It is a continuation of the work that was being done by Akhenaten back in Egypt with the 13th mystery school.

Anyway, what a new secular order means is a new priesthood, one that is loyal to the People and not gods or men. As a host you get a Priesthood and Elect, they are how a host communicates with the hosted and they establish and keep the covenant between them.

So there is a new world order, because there is a new host. The new host contains the new body of humanity within himself, since it’s new there is a new pattern or order in which things are arranged. It’s important to establish a priesthood and elect to communicate that to the hosted and establish the new law (love). The Son of Man is the avatar of said host, he is the high priest and the priesthood and elect are his supporting caste.

There you go 🙂