Economic Stimulus Package


I won’t dive into that particular aspect of it because it’s in the deep end of the pool, but we’ll take a look at what is clearly visible.

Here’s how it looks in my neighborhood – There are zero physical signs that any part of the current economy of the USA has been stimulated or is being stimulated in any way whatsoever by this “stimulus package”. In fact, it is being deliberately shot full of holes in an all out effort to drain it dry.

The only signs I see of the stimulus package at work is a handful of construction people working on the school I walk by with my dog every day. They’re re-pointing every brick in the exterior walls and milking it to death. The fucked up part is they did exactly the same thing just last summer, both times making a two week job last the entire summer. Last year they took all summer to put in a parking lot that should have taken a couple of weeks, a parking lot they didn’t even need, and a sprinkler system that took all summer to install. It’s clearly “make work”, none of it is in anyway a priority to the economy and we are spending shitloads of money on it all over the country.

On that level it’s enough to piss you off, it’s obviously a crock of shit that is yet another money sink meant to drain, not stimulate the economy. I get that reaction when I walk by and see what an utter waste and scam the whole thing is, but being the naturally curious fellow that I am, I have to look for a way to make sense of it all.

Our economy is on the way out, not because we can’t save it, but because we have something infinitely better to replace it with. There is a massive global effort going on behind the scenes to kill the present economy, but it won’t go down and many if not most involved can’t figure out why. “They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast”.

Believe it or not, our ESP is what’s propping it up every time they get the beast to its knees. It is a ritual magic act being performed on a national scale that is affecting the entire world. This world is a school, it is THE top mystery school in the cosmos and when it graduates a student it is an event celebrated on a universal scale.

The ritual is in the act you actually see performed and that part often makes no sense to a casual observer, the magic is in the REAL effect it produces. By pumping everything into keeping the schools up, we are actually keeping THE school up… until graduation day. The U.S. economy is going to fall, but not until the graduating class of this school is damn good and ready.

There are many measures like this in place and ESP is actually secondary support. The primary measure is the Son of Man being utilized as the ultimate voodoo doll. This is proper usage and although exploitative, it is not abusive. If you have a person who is a perfect average of the U.S. population, which is a perfect average of the global population, then anything you apply to this person is going to (thru acoustic stepping and gating) affect the whole in the same way it’s affecting him. While it may not even sound possible to many, this is an excellent example of using the right tool in the right way for the right job in the work of high ritual magic.

Unbelievable you say?

Well… I say this is how magic MUST work in a world that doesn’t believe in magic.