Help a Brother Out

Fraternal orders have taken a bad rap, but what they represent shouldn’t. I’m not a card carrying member of any official masonic order, or any other secret handshake club, but I have friends who are.

I have watched them scheme and plot against each other, cleverly taking advantage of a brother in need under the guise of help only to further their own aims. I’ve seen them witching each other and themselves back and forth with their occult practices, and I know a lot of members use the lodges as their own free private business network and volunteer labor force. All about what you’d expect in any social organization dabbling in the occult and all against their own purported standards of conduct. Why should they be any different than the world surrounding them?

I’ve also been lucky enough to become friends with a few brothers who actually know what fraternity means and are the very examples of it. A true brother is someone who believes in your cause, stands with you in what you stand for, and values that fraternal bond above and beyond all others, including blood. When bloodlines must be crossed, your fraternal brothers are all you can depend on. When you’re own family wouldn’t understand, your fraternal brothers do.

I believe Humanity is a fraternity, where the bond of being Human crosses all other lines and boundaries. We are one tribe, one blood, one eternal order, and that order is fraternal in nature. It is the Human fraternal order true freemasonry seeks to build. The stones are us, no mortar is necessary because when we finally come together as one it’s a perfect fit. All the cracks and splits in our individual character disappear letting the brilliance of our true nature and heritage shine forth once and for all. The Sons of a new dawn, born of the Gods and raised by Man… the light of Humanity breaks on the universal horizon.

WE are the light that vanquishes the darkness… let there be light 🙂