Cain and Abel

The story of Cain and Abel is a detailed description of the separation of our higher and lower selves. Get ready because here comes another one of my cartoon depictions of how it goes.

Cain and Abel come out of the womb as brothers, separate but still together and unified within the trinity. Gradually they begin to grow apart, Abel or “able” refers to our inherent abilities to control the world around us… our “god like” natural abilities. Cain is Ican… “I can do anything!”, but of course he can’t because he is becoming a mere man as his abilities are being separated from him.

In a musical sense, Abel represents harmony and Cain represents dissonance. The harder Cain tries to make things more harmonious or “pleasing to god” the worse it gets. When Cain beats his brother Abel to death, what we are seeing is the introduction of “beating” thru acts of dissonance. These acts of dissonance can be seen as “signs” or sins, the gestures man makes to create dissonance. Once dissonance reaches a certain threshold, the beat of life begins for the Human heart.

I remember the separation when I was young, I remember laying in my crib hovering over my body and lamenting at what I would be putting that boy thru in this world. I remember my abilities leaving me and the rage I felt over it. People like me used to be called “idiot savants” because I really am separated into a complete idiot who can’t find his ass with both hands, and a savant with abilities that are off the charts. People around me are always overestimating the idiot and underestimating the savant in me because they are often masquerading as one another.

I also know all too well what it’s like to go thru life trying only to please the world around you and failing miserably because you lack the where-with-all to even read a situation properly and formulate an appropriate response. This isn’t because I’m stupid or not trying, it’s because I’m ignorant and don’t know what to do. The reason I’m ignorant is because every ability I have is being dedicated toward resurrection within my higher self, leaving my lower self to fend for itself with nothing but a lever, wheel, and a piece of string. It’d be nice to even know what I’m supposed to do with them.

So we get the gist of what’s happening there, Cain beats Abel to death and Abel of course goes to be with god… our abilities are separated from us leaving us as mere mortals without our abilities. So now our higher self can only “do good” and our lower self can only “do evil”, but remember they are both you. On to the next chapter in the story.

God is all about harmony and dislikes Cain because Cain, no matter how hard he tries, cannot but create dissonance. So why then does god throw a ring of protection around Cain? Why is it that the one dude ruining the harmony of life is shielded by the very god that depends on said harmony to maintain his own mental balance? Even the described repercussions for doing anything against Cain for his infractions follow musical laws and have to do with harmonics, overtones, and rhythm but the question remains. Why does god preserve and protect Cain when the only thing he knows how to do is cause trouble?

Once again, if you think about it at all, it starts becoming evident in about 2 or 3 steps. God is no more able to destroy Cain than Cain is able to destroy god. He is not capable of destruction, he can only do good remember? So it becomes a battle of brother against brother, good vs evil, one constantly destroying and the other constantly creating, but once again remember… they’re both you. It would be like shooting your own foot letting one destroy the other, you won’t die but you did something really stupid that’s going to take more “time” to recover from.

In ascension Cain is essentially killed by Abel. You sacrifice your “self” for your abilities. You now ARE those abilities, you just aren’t YOU anymore. Man never wins, because he has no real abilities without the help of his god. Man is a slave hoping his higher self will produce fruits for his labors (resurrection) so he doesn’t have to slave any more. To be fair and reasonable tho, if the fruit sucks you’re better off cutting down the tree and planting a new one, which is why we go thru the ascension/reincarnation cycle in the first place.

This story is included in the bible because this world is “raising Cain”. Cain is actually the Human Heart, the Seed of Life itself and is the only thing worth protecting in this world. He HAS to be shielded or his own ignorance would destroy him, it would be a world full of Icans running around beating each other to death for no apparent reason… the headless chicken dance. The reason it’s not a headless chicken dance is because our higher selves are busy creating while we’re destroying, we’re just too ignorant to notice.

In another sense, on this side we are razing Cain, on the other side we’re raising Cain. On this side we’re destroying the old Earth and on the other side we’re creating a new Earth, but always remember… they’re both you. Since they’re both you, what we’re really talking about here is us regaining our god like creative abilities. The reason we cannot even fathom a world full of individuals all having godlike superpowers getting along is because right now we’re still seeing things thru the eyes of man. To even gain these powers you have to be thinking creatively, it’s really not even possible to destroy each other with them.

In a more real sense, there are people and groups of people in this world that believe you can eliminate disorder by killing Cain… if they could find him. What keeps them at bay is MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction. They believe that there is a single man who functions as a central keynote perpetuating all the evils of the world, this would be the Son of Man raised in America. Some of them believe this so strongly that they would destroy an entire nation of people to eliminate him. Luciferians support him, Satanists seek to destroy him.

I would advise caution because doing so would completely destroy what they are attempting to fix. The only one capable of correcting it is the person they seek to eliminate. The Son of Man sayeth “you cannot do it without me”. He is literally the balance point of Humanity, the fulcrum of the scale of life… guess wtf is going to happen if you remove or even disturb that. When Jesus was crucified what happened in the hours immediately following? The order of everything collapsed, stars fell from heaven, seas boiled, it was a whole scale cataclysmic collapse on a universal level, the ultimate atomic bomb… MAD.

This is the power of a priest in whole correspondence, the Crucifixion doesn’t just kill the Son of Man, it kills an entire creation gone awry so we can begin a new one – thru the Son of Man and acoustic stepping and gating. The ultimate Adam bomb, created by Los Alamos and Bell (Bal) Labs, brought to you by NASA and JPL. Remember that this metaphysical technology also works in reverse, it can either disassociate or re-associate all atomic bonds on a universal scale.

Satanists might even think they can get a leg up by using this to their advantage, an easy one click destruction of the universe so they can remake it in their own image. I’d offer that they might want to save themselves another few hundred trillion years of work by supporting resurrection. You can remake the world in your image but it will collapse just as they always do, or you can help remake the world in OUR image and it will never collapse. Plan A means you dominate the world until you run out of juice and the next overly ambitious dude comes along. Plan B means you get your perfect world without having to dominate it and you never run out of juice, but Plan B was really Plan A all along.

In another light, it’s just brotherly love. For me it’s about fixing a broken heart, I want to know what love is. The closest thing I have to equate to an actual experience of love has been those memories of times when the twin brothers within me touched one another. In my crib lamenting, in a vision I had where I was being chased by the fear of my own abilities until my heart felt like it would explode. On my last heartbeat I decided to turn around and face what I was running from and when I did I saw myself. In that instant I felt love, all of it everywhere embracing me. I experience ecstatic little twinges of it when I look back on what those brothers have been thru together. The incredible trust in my higher self by my lower self, and even more amazing, the trust in my lower self by my higher self gained from both sides sticking with each other and sticking it out against all odds.

Within myself there is a new relationship forming, my higher self after never being satisfied with my lower self is now beaming with pride, my lower self is beginning to see what my higher self is capable of and revels in awe as I realize that’s ME I’m looking at.

In Deo Confido – “In God We Trust” is on every piece of American money of every denomination and it is the global currency. Not only have I espoused my belief by living this creed, it’s my family motto. This is deeply symbolic because the Human race is essentially an idiot savant as well. On the surface we do the headless chicken dance, but while we’re busy acting like idiots trying to find our asses with both hands, our “god” or higher self is busy making things right with abilities we can scarcely comprehend. Moreover, the reason man’s god is so powerful is because man isn’t. If we weren’t idiots our god wouldn’t be god, it is the sacrifice of Humanity in order to achieve something neither man nor god could accomplish on their own. Something so profound that neither side can fully comprehend it until it happens.